Toddler Math

"Mommy, come draw with me."

"Not now, sweety," I say while I peruse for necessary items.

"Mommy, please come draw with me."

"Not now, sweety.  How about in five minutes?"

"Not five minutes."

"I'll set my timer.  Which would you prefer: four or five minutes?"

My little boy stands on the chair and ponders and then says, "Zero minutes."

My husband and I let out big guffaws at our son's wit and cleverness.

I smile and say that's not an option and ask how long I should set the timer for.

He thinks a moment and says, "Eight minutes".

I set the timer.  He plays (on my lap).  The timer goes off eight minutes later and I say good-bye to non-important items on amazon and break out the drawing pad.


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