From Toddlerdom to Boydom


I am delighted to say that I am seeing more and more signs of Milo stepping away from toddlerdom into boydom. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way so naiive to think that the tantrums and full blown fits are out of the way (I have been experience the ''Terrible Two's'' since Milo turned 18 months and I know they are far from behind us) but I can see simply in the way he plays and from certain behaviours of late that things are starting to become clearer and more understandable to him. For example, up until last night every time I have bathed Milo he has always had a major (and I mean MAJOR) screaming fit when I have taken him out of the bath and it has always made bathtime more then a little stressful. The before and during is always lovely but the screaming, kicking and crazyness afterwards always dampened (pardon the pun) what came before it. That was until last night. Last night I started the usual ''Another 10 minutes of bathtime Milo and then you have to come out'', ''another 5 mins of bathtime Milo and then you have to come out'', ''another minute of bathtime....'' you get the picture. Then it got to ''time to get out of the bath now''. Read more over at my blog Workingberlinmum


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