Toddler-talk and the Bilingual Child!

 Milo, my little bilingual boy!

Multilingualliving recently posted on their Facebook page a question asking their readers which was the hardest language they've learnt. My instant response was ''Toddler-talk, especially when it's in my child's second language!''. From the multitude of 'likes' this reply received it's clear that I am not alone there. Understanding a toddler who is muddling through their first steps at exploring vocabulary and understanding sentance building can be challenging enough but trying to decipher what a toddler who is learning multiple language is saying can be downright confusing. Milo took a while to really get going with his speech, choosing at first to primarily rely on whining and whinging in order to get his needs met (oh boy I bet you can imagine how appealing a stage that was!) but shortly before his second birthday a switch seemed to flick and since then his vocabulary has been broadening daily. It's incredible at what speed he is now learning new words and it amazes me daily when a word I only consciously pointed out to him twice the day before has managed to stick in his head. For example, yesterday we read the book 'Mr Happy' for the first time and today I picked up the book, pointed at the rotund fella on the cover and what did Milo say? ''Happy''. Crazy! It's the same with the word ''House'' which he now proudly shouts of whenever he sees a house-like structure. I particularly enjoy it when he uses his words beginning with ''H'' because he can't quite pronounce it right and it makes each word sound like he's saying it in a French accent. Cute!

Milo definitely favours vocalising certain words in English and others in German. For example whilst he can say ''car'' and often does after I've said the word to him, he will almost always choose to say the word in German first (although the plural version ''Autos'').


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