Tomorrow is a new Day

I have attempted so far for the month of June, to write a post every single day being a part of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I missed a day here and there without realizing it, or posted after midnight. But so far it has been a learning experience, and I have so much respect for all of those bloggers that are able to write and post every single day without fail. I was desperate to make sure I logged in everyday, and disappointed in myself whenever I failed. Of course, I am my own worst critic. 
I guess I'm a work in progress, and I am OK with that. It's like our lives. We do the very best that we can, and we don't always have 100% success, but we just keep trying. At least most of us. I could have missed a day of writing, and threw up my hands and gave up. Maybe in another time in my life I would have. But what kind of example would I be to my children if I did that? 
Being a parent gives us the opportunity to be a better person. To try harder, to love more, to BE more. 
Having such a split in the age differences with my children, Isabella will most likely be raised a little differently than my other three. I'm older, hopefully wiser. Maybe I will have a little more patience, be more relaxed, flexible. Maybe I will share and defer more to my parenting partner. Maybe I will be more open minded. 
I do know that I am enjoying each moment. That my life is full and enriched because of the opportunity to be one of many guides for my children. But I am far from perfect. I make mistakes. I have regrets over some of my choices. But I don't think my children are the worse for wear. They know. They know that I will never give up. That I will always keep trying. That even if I mess up, I will continue to be their one advocate, their support. Of course it's not just me. My kids have many that support them. That advocate for them. I think and hope that every single child in the world have that same right and opportunity. 
 I was told recently from a post that I wrote that I had a flair for the dramatics, and that I should think before I post. That my words have the power to in effect hurt others, and inevitably have. Of course this was not my intent because that is not my way, and though I profusely apologized, I am reminded of the beauty in life. That though I am far from perfect, I get another chance to make it right. To be a bigger, better person. "Think before you post." Think before you speak. Before you act. Before you do something you're going to regret. 
I'm going to try again, and eventually I'm going to get it right. I will try to post every day. I will try to be more conscious of what I say here, on my blog. I also recognize that I am not going to always be able to please everyone. I may offend. I may miss a day of writing. Guess I have to find a balance.   AND. AND keep my foot out of my mouth. 


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