Tomorrow is Now Today

I've been living a life of luxury popping Cadbury dark chocolate in my mouth and going out to dinner without restraint.  I've been living a life of four star room service in my own home and town - indulging - extravagent - a whirlwind of hearty heavy foods and nice sturdy beer.

The reality is that our town doesn't really have any super great food, but it does have its share of pizza and tempura and I've indulged plenty.  I did manage to steer clear of pasta dishes, but that's pretty much the only achievement I can think of.

Yesterday, I ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Before the dinner foray, I pretty much realized that I needed to get my act in gear and should start thinking of the day as my last.

Now it is today.  Dang.

However, I have a cold and I feel achy and stuffy and the thoughts of Cadbury dark chocolate or quesadillas don't really appeal to me.  Nor does my boring oatmeal, but I think that's just because it's too early to really be hungry yet.

Sigh - life with the measuring cup returns today.  One cup of food is so small.  Calorie counting and tracking here I come.  The days of thinking I can eat like a super athlete are over (especially since I am not doing super athlete activities!!!).

Last night in bed, I was reminded that in the past, I hoped for one year where I could focus on myself.  I've been granted that and I've made great progress.  The year isn't over yet and, if I get myself in gear, even losing a half pound a week, I can lose 10 pounds before the end of the year - or at one pound a week, maybe I can even lose 20.

My weight loss began with watching the numbers going in and the numbers going out.  I relied on the numbers.  After a bit, I began relying on the exercise to compensate for the increased eating, but now it's time to return back to the numbers coming into my body.

It's not fun, but it's also a relief.  All I need to do is exercise 20-30 minutes a day (even just a walk) and watch those calories and weight will burn off.

I'm trying to talk myself into the fun of it all.  It's much more fun in the morning than it will be later in the day or tomorrow when we watch the opening of the Olympics with friends.  Sigh.  But if not now, when.  Now is the time.  Company is gone.  It's raining outside.  There's enough time to get my body turned around before the end of the year.

A toast to resolve.  (and some crossed fingers that I can stick with it)

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