Tomorrow's Diet

I will give up my favorite treats.

From food made with sugar,

to food made with wheat.


No more spaghetti, or tart lemon drops.

No more sandwich cookies or Tootsie roll  pops.


No more ice cream or crispy French fries.

Or buckets of popcorn, or even fried rice.


No more lasagna, or BBQ food.

No more large pizza, unless I’m in the mood.


If I get too hungry, or get really mad;

I know I’ll succumb, I know I’ll be bad.


So forget my new plan. It’s way way too crude.

I’ll just be more sensible when choosing my food.


Veggies and fruit, fresh, no cans.

I’ll be good tomorrow. Tonight, I have plans.


I’ll clean out the fridge, the pantry of Pringles.

Polish off the cookies, the ice cream, with sprinkles.


Once all the goodies are out of the house,

I’ll face my new scale, and so will my spouse.


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