Too Big? Try Just Right for Stroller!

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Julia Roberts of Kidneys and Eyes (and Support for Special Needs) recently took on a hipster tumblr that pokes fun at kids that are "too big for strollers." She admits that she once judged parents in similar situations until she had two kids with special needs. It's a moving post with a call to action.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt:

Stroller at DisneyYou want to know why they had to ride in strollers when they looked “too big”?

- Because, while they were ambulatory, they got tired very easily. A chronic disease will do that to you.

- Out in the world, they had hard time seeing curbs and steps and uneven pavement because of their vision issues. Typical kids stop their face from hitting the pavement with their reaction time and their hands, but for my kids a simple fall would result in face plants to the ground. Teeth being knocked out, concussions, pain. ER visits. Trauma.

Read the rest of her post to understand why judgment isn't funny and find out what you can do.

As an aside, Julia is hosting the ROYO Special Needs Mini-Conference at BlogHer '11.

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