Too Busy for Chores

My family members and I had an interesting debate on Thanksgiving.  We began to discuss the responsibilities our respective children had at home.  I was shocked to discover that many of my older neices and nephews were not required to do consistent chores because they were so busy with sports and other extracurricular activities that their parents felt they didn't have time to do chores and keep up with their school work.  My kids are 11, 7, and 7.  They are expected to do daily chores and keep up with their schoolwork.  My kids are also very active.  they are heavily involved in martial arts, chess club, and the church bible club that is similar to AWANAS.  With all of this they still have a lot of downtime.    One of my relatives stated that her daughter has to spend such a great deal of time playing volleyball that she is unable to do chores.  She further stated that she felt this was a good trade-off since her daughter just secured a full college scholarship.  She stated that she has made sure that her daughter knows how to do chores but that she gladly does them for her.  My sil let me know that she makes breakfast and lunches for her 15 y/o and 14 y/o both of whom are also heavily into sports.  I started wondering if I was too hard on my kids who also make their own breakfast and lunches.  All of the women in the conversation work professional jobs outside of the home.  Some of the participants were single parents and some like me live in a two-parent housel=hold.  Not to brag but all the kids involved are in accelerated/gifted academic programs. 

This made me wonder how other families handle this issues.  Do your kids have chores.  Is their chore responsibility affected by their other activities.  What is fair   What is not.

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