Too Busy Living Life to Write about Life

Been away for awhile.  I have missed writing on this venue but the laptop had to go away for awhile for some repairs.   I have left Miss Minnie hanging, have not been writing about all the progress the better half has made with the new laundry room, and last but not least, putting down feelings and thoughts involved with the impending loss of a beloved pet.

Our TZ Jahberbox, affectionately known as JB, is battling canine osteosarcoma.  Having already spread to the lungs at the time of diagnosis, we made the decision not to amputate the leg and shoulder where it started.   As long as he has his appetite, is able to consume enough water, we will keep him as comfortable as possible, using the pain meds and anti- inflammatories the vet gave us. JB, the most loving and good greyhound, has kept his wonderful benign nature through all this and sets an example for us all, I think.    

The spouse has kept hammering away at his classwork obligations, in persuance of his BSN, while working steadily at his very FULL-time job.   The old saying goes "No man is a mountain.", but I tell ya, this man o' mine comes pretty dang close!!  Managing somehow to find some time to work on my dream of having a laundry room upstairs (vs. doing laundry on the backporch), he has very nearly completed the final hook-ups.  Mayhaps, I will be washing our clothes for the first time in the new washer and dryer this afternoon!!

As for myself, I am eagerly awaiting re-joining Miss Minnie and her letters in my quest to find out what happened to her and her ever-loving swain, Mr. Harbin.  The room upstairs is ready now to become an art and writing studio for said self.  I have been collecting pieces and parts in eager anticipation.   Warmer weather approaches, signaled by the masses of robins on the property this morning.   I have window frame sanding, priming and wall painting ahead of me before I can begin to let out some of this bottled up art pressure out.  Yesterday, I did manage to vent some of it at a beginning level art class at the local Hobby Lobby.  Using the Bob Ross techniques, we worked on painting leaves, cluster flowers and daisies.   I have finally gained an understanding of why artists who dabble in oils have several works in progress.  Time and patience, two things I have to work at constantly, are what's needed with oils.  

Anyhoo, I look forward to sharing life with all who wish to.  Peace and love!!

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"


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