Too Lazy For Pants!

Have you seen the commercial where the woman admits she wears her yoga pants because she's too lazy for real pants? I so could have starred in that!! I love, love, love my yoga pants!! One, they're black so I can wear them with anything. Two, they stretch so I can make a pig out of myself and don't have to worry about them getting tight. Three, they are made of the most comfortable fabric on earth. I especially treasure them when traveling. There is nothing more comfortable you can wear when stuck in a car or airplane for hours. I've worn them on trips to New Orleans and to South Padre. Pure comfort all the way! And yes, a lot of the times I wear them is simply because I'm too lazy for real pants. And yes, today is one of them. And I'm rocking them with a cute turquoise top and some great jewelry. So it's almost time for lunch with a girlfriend...and I can totally pig out. Thanks to my yoga pants!! And those are my random thoughts this morning!

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