Too Much Information?

How much is too much information on social networks and such?  What do you think is TMI?

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I've been thinking lately about what I and other folks put out there for everyone to see.  How much information is too much?  Where should we draw the line?  How do parents of kids that have Facebook and Twitter deal with this issue?


I'm still lucky.  My kids are only 3 and 4.  So how does a mom of a 16 year old or older deal with what things they say. 


I've been thinking about this because I have noticed some moms putting status updates on Facebook or Twitter about their kids.  Things that i wouldn't put, didn't need to know, and felt embarrassed for the kiddo.  The kind where you want to comment, "TMI." 


I put funny little stories every once in a while, but I know when they get older, I will have to respect their privacy.  Will my 9 year old want the whole world to know she just got a training bra? (Is 9 too young?  I don't even know!!! Just threw an age out there!)

Or will my son want everyone to know he failed his math test.  I mean I have actually seen posts like these.  And some of the worst ones I have seen involve moms being distraught that their child is sexually active.  HELLOOOO!  Isn't that a matter to be kept in the family?  I mean everyone this mother is friends with now knows some pretty personal things about her child!


People need to realize that  a lot of what is put online is permanent.  Are you sure you want to call that wh86re a B!%*h when you are in college and have it affect the jobs you get later on. 


And don't get me started on the photos people put online!!!  That's a whole other can of worms!


So how much do you think is too much?


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