Too Old to be an Athlete?

I've always been jealous of athletic people. I didn't play sports growing up, mostly because I'm uncoordinated. And I don't participate in group physical activity (team sports, yoga classes, etc.) because I always feel awkward, out-of-shape and embarrassed. But I'm envious of people have a knack for sports, have coaches who train them and own cool sports equipment that they know how to use and I can just look at. They seem to have a lock on a piece of life that is rewarding and unique. I'm the outsider looking in.

About two years ago I took my first ice skating lesson. I was a 37 year-old working mom who'd never been on ice skates before. Clearly, I needed to start skating. Surprisingly, what I thought would be a fleeting interest that I'd joke about later has become a real passion. I feel like I'm becoming a real athlete!

  • I have a coach who teaches me, holds me accountable and motivates me
  • I have equipment -- skates, skate guards, skating clothes -- that have become a part of my identity
  • I'm starting a training program to improve my strength and performance
  • I have skating friends -- we share our progress, commiserate about slumps and provide each other with a little friendly competition

Well into my 30s I'm becoming an athlete and I love it! The sport, the friends, the fitness. I can't believe I've been missing out on this. Anyone else discover an inner-athlete in themselves as an adult?


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