Too Scary For Beggar's Night?

I tend to ask myself that very question every year around Halloween.

We are lucky enough to have a neighborhood that is very ‘festive’.  Some neighbors dress up to pass out candy, most of them decorate their front porches in some way and everyone has a great time… almost.

My daughters are not big fans of scary masks and blood covered skulls especially when they are worn by adults.  Along our route there are always a few houses that we have to skip over because the adults have taken the decorations a little too far to the dark side.  My children tremble at the thought of even walking past those houses to get to the next.

So my question is when is something too scary for trick-or-treat (Not Halloween but, just trick-or-treat)?  I understand that adults dress up not just for the kiddos but, for themselves.  It’s fun!  I think it is great when they dress up.  However, I also think that some costumes are better saved for a haunted house or adult costume party.

Our trick-or-treat evening for this year is already over but, it still lives on in our house.  Just last night I had to lay in my child’s bedroom until she fell asleep because she was afraid a monster was going to come into her room and get her.  We don’t usually have this problem; so it was obvious it was a result of beggar’s night that had not yet worn off.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking for ‘Rules of Beggar’s Night’ to be enforced by plain clothed officers.  I just wonder how many parents struggle with issues caused by the adult costumes on beggar’s night.  Some adults without children probably don’t even think about the lasting impressions they have given our young children.  I love it when adults dress up for the kids but, I just wish they put enough thought into it to keep the nightmares for the adults and choose trick-or-treat appropriate attire.

Do your children frighten when you go house to house?  What do you do to comfort them?  Have you ever confronted an adult about their costume?  Please share your thoughts and experiences.


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