This too Shall Pass

Right now there's a storm rolling in. A big one.


shall I rather say one in physical form and a proverbial storm that began circling early this morning


We woke up to the sun just starting to peek through the shades on the window and then, the darkness set in.




The thunder started to rumble off in the distance and we curled up on the couch, coffee in hand, and listened to the booms draw closer. Small flashes of lightning starting to flicker off in the distance. Until finally, the house was dark. So dark that nothing illuminated the room but the flashes of lightning drawing ever so closer.


It's beautiful and dangerous.




And as the rain begins to fall, the sound of thunder fights to push through the sound of the rain beating against the roof. A little bit of fear sits in, hoping the damage isn't too severe. Hoping nobody gets hurt.


This too shall pass.


I opened an email today and the same clouds and thunder and rain fell as I read. & I felt the sunshine drain out and the dark clouds roll in. & I wrapped someone I love in a warm blanket of love and prayed for them. & I hope their storm passes. I hope the sun shines down on her today. 


& no matter how bad this storm; how bad it feels and looks; the damage that it will leave and the pain that will be felt, it will pass. There will be sunshine again.


Some storms change everything & nothing is ever the same again. Others bring a fresh new perspective. They all change something. Nothing goes untouched. & you can pray your storm brings strength. & that you have someone to stand with you while the winds blow harder and harder against the very wills of your soul.


Right now the thunder is subsiding. The rain isn't falling as hard and the sky is starting to lighten up again.


O yes. This too shall pass.

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