Took a break for a little experiment...


For the past few weeks, actually it started way before, about 6 months ago~~ I decided to delay my cable t.v. , Dish, whatever it is that brings television programming to your home.. I held out for a few weeks, then months, finding that I was better, more efficiently informed by credible sources online, although I curtailed my time spent here as well.   

WoW! It's hard to get back into it, I didn't miss it at all, found myself going through fewer "down and out" times, and alot more productive.  When the ATT Uverse guy came to hook me up, it was nice to have high speed wireless, but the 999+ channels I could do just fine without,,, especially the networks.  What happened to journalism in our mainstream.  Even Katie Couric had become almost a mini me, faltering and losing her sanity when around the president.  It was disturbingly funny, but disturbing none the less.  I knew journalism, as we knew it, was taking a new trendy turn for the cheesey.  Walter Cronkite left his respectable legacy behind, and thank goodness he hasn't had to witness the devaluation and self sabotaging spoofers, otherwise known as network journalists and news people. 

My passion against the complete and hideous display of, once AGAIN,  a total glowing, evil and joyful kick in the faces and hearts of those who've already suffered more than a person should have to in one lifetime at all is only reignited, and the HATE from the opposing initiative, I see clearly now, has always been the brewer and stewer of it all from the start.  People are now being hurt and attacked all over again, and again, and how much does one have to take before there's a break.  Tears of sorrow, devastation and desperate pleas to reconsider this Victory center's completion have been scoffed at by the Gloom of Doom, Mayor Bloomberg.

The obvious financial incentives are at best, disgusting and so obvious a toddler gets it.

My best friend was almost killed downtown that day.  I was supposed to fly into LaGuardia on American Airlines from Dallas, FT Worth that day, and hundreds of my father's law school buddies and colleagues suffered tragic, gruesome deaths that day, and I was born on that island of Manhattan, just about 20 blocks away.  My mother's life was saved because she was a young Polish girl who escaped political unrest, work camps, and was brought here with nothing, not a thing except gratitude and a drive to survive, after seeing her family farm, father, and grand parents blown  to bits by Stalin's men.

She worked like nobody knows how to work anymore.... that dedication doesn't exist in those realms anymore.  She loved The USA, America, and the Americans who were putting nickels in the Salvation Army's donation boxes.  She went to college, learned the language, educated herself, and earned her position at Singer Corporation as any true American could, and she did, proudly and thankful to this land of opportunity.

This is where my firey, feistiness over the continued and relentless plans to build a victory center/ mega mosque on Ground Zero begins and will NEVER end until they lay the foundation on my body.  I don't believe this project, that was found to be so corrupt and funded by some serious shadowy groups of pro-Jihadist, American hating, hard core Muslim practicing, world domination agenda'ed people set me off.  The lies.... oh boy, the lies.  The already ample BOYS locker room tricked out to the nine's at the victory center is more than symbolic of their absolute HATRED for us.  I am not afraid, but there's something that just ain't right in there, so my internal alarms went off with a vengeance..

I hate that  I'm right.  I hate that I haven't gone out of the house yet.  I'm happy that I have some of the most amazing people in my life, and they'll always be in my life no matter how many miles separate. 

I haven't succumbed to HATE, Racism, or any kind of negativity towards anyone in person, but if it's discussed in front of me, I will know what the scoop is about that.    To Be Continued... I feel an other lamp is in order. Glnite .


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