Tools and Devices


I started my NaBloPoMo by falling behind. But NOT because I forgot. That would be way too cliché....even for me.

I kept thinking about what I was going to write about for the first prompt..."What tools do I use to remember things I have to do"? But the time to actually sit down and write never presented itself. So here I am staring at day 2, looking at the prompt...."What devices do I use to help me remember things"?

I have a good memory. I can remember all the "helping verbs" from 7th grade English with Mrs. Pease.

is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been, have, has, had, do, does, did, shall, will, should, would, may, might, must, can, could.

I can bust out some prepositions too....about, above, after, against, along, among, around, at, before, beneath, beyond, but, by, concerning, down, during, except, for, from, in, inside, into, like, near......

I trail off here....

If memorization is required, I am your gal. Except recently. Like in the last year or so.

I found out last week that my B-12 is low. Super low. A low B-12 will cause mental issues. Fuzzy brain I call it. Off to the vitamin store I go......B-12 comes in micrograms. An injection is a quick way to supplement but I am going to take a dose orally, every week, for a month, then monthly after that.  I hope it helps.

Every day I post my intentions on FB. Scheduled activities as well as things I hope to accomplish. FB is like my daily diary. I used to keep a diary. Started when I was about 12 or 13. Mostly I complained about the people that were attempting to raise me...then I wrote at length about my beloved boyfriend. Then I transitioned to writing about being depressed. I have some of these old diaries and I can be transported back to my single bed in my bedroom in Ohio, as I reread the entries.

I make lists in the "Notes" section of my iPhone. I will make grocery lists. Lists of books I want to read. Places I want to eat. Song lyrics I want to remember. Blogging ideas.

I used to keep game stats in there from my daughter's soccer games. However, after playing soccer competitively for 7 years, she quit. This is first time I am putting this in writing. I have agonized over her decision and the parental decision that was made to allow her to actually quit her team. It has been a harrowing couple of weeks. I am starting to come to grips with her decision and our new family reality without soccer. It hasn't been easy. I wish the last 2 weeks could be forgotten actually.

My first "Note" was entered on February 3, 2011, and the most recent one was on August 2, 2014.

The February note has some Amos Lee lyrics. This is so ironic because he is playing a concert here on next Sunday and I want to go to it. The note from Saturday is the title of Ralph Nader's book. I saw him on Bill Maher and now I want to read it.

The memory tools I use are pretty simple. I write/type down what needs to be remembered. The device I use is my phone. When I do not have my phone handy, I rely on my brain. Except recently, because the brain is unreliable. I actually just called my doctor's office to ask what the dosage was that I should take of this B-12 supplement. They called me on Friday to tell me. I spoke with the nurse for about 5 minutes but I cannot remember what she told me. We just had a good laugh about that. Yeah...hahaha! I can't remember anything unless I write it down (type it down) funny. Get yourself some B-12 lady!!

I feel like I fulfilled my blogging assignment. I hope so. I have a heavy weight bearing down on me to do some crap that I have forgotten to do. The thing is I have forgotten this crap on purpose. That kind of thing has no tool or device to remedy the loss. Willful forgetting is without a treatment.

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