Toon Goggles App Arrives at the KIDO'Z App Store!

 We've got some great news for you! KIDO'Z has recently teamed up with Toon Goggles to bring more entertaining cartoons, clips and videos to your kids. If you've not heard of Toon Goggles before, then you're really missing out…

 The Toon Goggles app includes 100's of videos that have been divided into six categories; girl, boy, comedy, action, pre-school, and educational. Our partnership with Toon Goggles means that we've got even more entertainment options available to put at the fingertips of your kids!

Toon Goggles at KIDO'Z

Like all content featured at KIDO'Z, the videos within the Toon Goggles app are pre-approved and reviewed extensively before being released, so all content is 100% kid-friendly. New content is constantly added to their extensive collection, and kids have the chance to save their favorite clips and cartoons in their "Toon Box" for easy access.

Toon Goggles arrives at KIDO'Z 

The videos at Toon Goggles are in addition to the ever-growing library of videos, clips, cartoons and features available at KIDO'Z TV.

The Toon Goggles app is now available to download, directly from our App Store!