The Tooth Fairy Came Last Night... Barely!

My youngest lost her Very First Tooth last night!  It was a big moment for her... and a bit of a sad-- shall I say wistful-- moment for Yours Truly (the Erstwhile Tooth Fairy).  She is my fifth and last child and I was just trying to wrap my brain around the fact that she turned six on Tuesday-- SIX!-- when the darn tooth fell out.

I want to slow down that blessed clock.

With much ceremony, she marched upstairs to place the Tooth under her pillow.  Oh, so exciting!  All along, there was her eight-year-old brother imparting Helpful Tips gleaned from his Vast Experience in this ritual (he is missing both front teeth).

We all went to bed with lots of I Love Yous and anticipation for the morning's Big Discovery.

Luxuriating in waking up without the alarm clock this morning, I peeked at the clock. 6:40.  Good.  No need to-- OH SHIT!

Cut to frantic tiptoeing, digging for a dollar (thank God there's one in my wallet!!), race-creeping up the stairs, wincing at the creaky door, sliiiidiing the hand caaarrrefulllly under the pillow....whew.

(Sponge Bob Narrator Voice) One hour later....

The little voice floats down the hallway into the kitchen..."Mommy, look what the Tooth Fairy left me!"  She triumphantly waves the dollar in my face.

"I waited for this my whole life."

...Hyperhidrosis from a personal perspective...


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