Top 10 Best & Worst Things About BlogHer 2010

@MomStart <a href=@TheAngelForever @RobynsWorld @ConnieFoggles" width="240" height="179" />BlogHer 2010 was wonderful and I am thrilled that I was able to attend. I plan on going back for 2011 which will be in San Diego, California next August (I hope you can come too). My biggest goal was to meet these wonderful folks I have known online for ages now and I was able to do that with so many! Overall the conference was a definite winner, but not everything was perfect. Here is my top 10 list of the best and worst of BlogHer 2010 in New York City.



Top 10 Best Things About BlogHer ‘10 Top 10 Worst Things About BlogHer ‘10
Meeting all of the great bloggers and PR folks I have been talking with online in real life finally! Too many things to do in such a short amount of time
Meeting new people to develop friendships and working relationships with online Expensive! Without a sponsor the cost of the ticket, hotel, transportation, food, tips, etc. all add up quickly
Reflexology hand massage at the Align/Metamucil Suite! This was wonderfully relaxing and I am going to find someone here in St. Louis who does this Some booths in expo hall closed early each day instead of waiting until they were supposed to
Some great discussions with others about blogging more on the business end of it. I really do enjoy these types of conversations about the tech and business that goes along with it all While official events were all in one place, the unofficial (and popular) brand events were around the city so I wasted a lot of time traveling from place to place
Seeing New York City! I had never been before so I was thrilled to do the Kodak Bus Tour to see all the sites a bit. Plus Sunday night I got to see my 1st Broadway show ever (Rock of Ages) Some representatives in booths at expo hall seemed clueless that I wanted to know about working with them, not just about their newest line of whatever.
Lots of walking around – good exercise for me Had to ship my swag home which was pricey. Some brands shipped directly which was wonderful
Was impressed with many of the foods at BlogHer and other brand events. Had several new dishes. Blisters on my (everyone's) feet!
Lots of free drinks! The Ecco Shoes suite had the best sparkling wine too! Swag Whores
The chance to let my hair down and relax and have some fun. There has been a lot of stress at home lately and I needed this break. I missed Hubby & Son
St. Nick at the Hallmark Party! Aunt Flo showed up uninvited!

So what was your best and worst about BlogHer 2010?