Top 10 Gifts for Geeks this holiday season

As you've noticed, we've been running our 2013 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide with The Noise of Boys for a few weeks, with what we hope are helpful suggestions. Today, Thomas is taking over to remind us of the technology-lovin' folks in our lives and what they might want to receive. And so we present the Top 10 Gifts for Geeks - stuff they'll love!

Home on Deranged - Top 10 Gifts for Geeks this Holiday Season: get the techies in your life stuff they will love

With Christmas rapidly approaching, make sure you take notice of all the techies and bit crunchers in your life. Give them a gift that shows you really do care! Here is the top 10 list of the cool gadgety toys I would love to have for myself.

weaponPushPins10. Medieval Weapons Push Pins. $15.99
Lots of people have cork boards in their homes because they can be extremely helpful.What better way to add flare to something so boring than by introducing weapons?!? Stand out from the sheep. Buy weaponized thumb tacks! • Includes: 2 of each style: Sabre, Single Handed, Broadsword, Katana, Axe • Size: 1" (not including pin)
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mycharge9. myCharge Peak Portable Battery. $79.99
We purchased one of these chargers a few months back and have been very pleased with the performance. Micro USB connectors, along with a built-in Apple connector charge up to 3 Apple or micro USB devices simultaneously. Compatible with iPhone 5, the new iPad and iPad mini. USB charger ensures reliable performance. 6000 mAh portable battery provides up to 27 hours of talk time.
Check it out here

d208. Jumbo 20 sided die (d20). $5
Even though I haven’t played Dungeons & Dragons in over 10 years, I have very fond memories of it. I still have a large bag of multi-sided dice, characters, quests and books. I picked up one of these jumbo d20's to use as a paper weight at work several years ago, and I find that just looking at it makes me feel a little better. It is currently out of reach of our kids, because it really hurts when thrown. They can weaponize anything!
Get it here

SSD drive7. 120 GB Solid State Drive. $89.99
This is one of those gifts where you just can’t go wrong. If you have a techie that you simply cannot find a gift for, this is an easy fallback idea. Flash technology is still very expensive, and any computer enthusiast would be extremely happy to find a solid state drive in his/her stocking.
Check out the coolness here

iShower6. iShower Bluetooth Shower Speaker. $99
Singing in the shower has never been more fun! Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker for all iPhones , iPads , iPod Touch and Android devices. This device lets you pair up to five devices. Clock display, Water resistant • Compact and portable • Up to 200-foot Bluetooth® range • Stream audio from your favorite apps • Compatible with most Bluetooth® devices
Here's where you can get one

usb_to_sata_ide_combo_kit5. USB to SATA/IDE Combo Kit. $29.99
With this nifty gadget you can hook up an extra drive like it is an external. Or you could connect an old floppy drive and take a stroll down memory lane. Connect an extra Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, one of each. Your call. • Connect USB 2.0 ports to any IDE or SATA drive: - 3.5" IDE - 2.5" laptop IDE - 1.8" micro IDE - 3.5" SATA - 2.5" SATA • Includes power supply, molex y-splitter, USB cable and drive dock Look at this nifty gift here

7_port_hub4. USB 7 Port Hub w/ Power Switches. $19.99
Who doesn’t love power strips? They are just really handy to have around. So why wouldn’t you want a USB hub that functions like a power strip? The problem with standard USB hubs is that they are square and only have 4 ports. This strip makes your cords seem less crowded. Don’t need your external hard drive right now? Just turn the power switch off on the USB port, no need to unplug it. Have a USB lamp you want to turn off? Just flip the switch! Get powered up here

SpaceBar37623. Space Bar Monitor stand + 6-port USB. $99.99
Even though I am a PC guy and this stand is very Mac-ish in appearances, I want it. What most people don’t realize is that when you look at your monitor from different angles, the colors distort. You will get the truest perception when looking straight at your monitor, but unfortunately most monitors sit slightly below eye level. I have been known to place phone books under every monitor in an office so employees could better gauge color choices. Add six USB ports into the mix and you have a TRULY functional investment. Made from shiny brushed aluminum. For your shininess fix go here

retro_duo_portable_nes_snes_game_system2. Portable NES/SNES Game System. $99.99
Holy crap, holy crap! Potentially the greatest toy invented in the last couple years. Since most of the all-time-great RPG’s are on the Super Nintendo platform, this is a true treasure. No more running roms on the computer or trying to press virtual buttons on a smart phone! Now you can carry around 16 bit glory! If I hadn’t given my brother all of my SNES games a couple months ago, I would be all over this. In fact I think I will try and get a couple back now =)
• Portable Game Console Plays Old Nintendo SNES and NES Games • Connects to television for big screen gaming • Comes with extension controllers for multiplayer games • Up to 8 hours of game play on a single charge • Also compatible with Sega Genesis with additional RetroGen Adapter (Not Included) • System Includes: - Retro Duo Portable Main Unit - Two (2) SuperRetro Controllers - Controller hub - Stand Up Dock - AC power adapter: 100-240v input - Standard AV Cable - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery - RetroPORT Adapter for NES Games - User Manual
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