Top 10 Must Haves for Moms in 2013!

Lisa Nolan

Top 10 Must Haves for Moms in 2013!
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Did 2012 leave you with a lot to be desired? Is your life as a mom still lacking some how? Besides being financially strapped, and chained to the social media beast (which just keeps growing and growing and growing), while the REST of your time is being spent as mom to little creatures roaming around your home, maybe some with fur or a mustache... I'm here to rescue you! Here are my top 10 must haves for moms in 2013.

Baby Rocker: (No, not a baby rocking out to the Rolling Stones, ha, ha, ha.) Your baby won't fall asleep on his own? How about someone invent a robot mom whose soul purpose it is to get the baby to sleep already.

An "I'm awake!" Mask: (For being up so late with the baby.) "Mom look! Look mom! Look! Mom! Look at me! Hey! See what I made?" (His 1000th circle using a red crayon, which is great, but why not watch and sleep at the same time?)

A Social Media Secretary: There are so many freaking time suckers on the Internet that moms need a mini me just to keep up with it all! Tax deductible, of course.

Self-Cleaning Mop: Needs no explanation.

Sound and Motion Sensored Treat Dispenser: Tired of hearing your kids pouting, whining, pleading,  and stomping their feet (for whatever reason just fill in the blank)? The treat dispenser only hands out treats if your children sit quietly and don't move for ten minutes. May work with hyper dogs.

Trip to Hawaii... (All expenses paid just for blogging about it for a travel website.) Enough said.

A wig that does not look like a wig but makes you appear like you just got a $200 haircut but in reality you didn't have the time or energy to wash your dirty locks in four days.

Children's Sound-Proof Ear Muffs: Kids can wear them in the car so they can't hear you swear at the red-light runners or when you spill your $8 designer cup of coffee from Starbucks on your whole-in-the-knees faded (and a little too tight) blue jeans.

Instant Chocolate Cupcake Maker (36 to be exact): Battery operated so you can place it in the back of your mom vehicle so that by the time you get to school, or the pot luck, or your child's birthday pizza party, they are ready made and frosted, with sprinkles of course.

Interior Car Washing Machine: Let me repeat that. Interior. Car. Washing. Machine. Please. Oh pretty please.

Yes, I think just one of the above would make a mom's job a little easier in 2013! Goodness knows we've earned it!

A mom can dream, can't she! (Hey, dreaming is free!)


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