Top 10 Hilarious Sitcoms Created By Women

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3) Soap (1977-1981)

Created by Susan Harris, it was supposed to be an insignificant soap opera spoof (soaps, after all, are a women’s medium, so how substantial could they be?). Instead, despite vocal opposition before the first episode even aired, it tackled issues like adoption, suicide, gay parents, cults, cougars (before there was a word for it), interracial romance, metal illness, political instability and yes, alright, children possessed by the devil (give them a pass, The Exorcist had just come out). It also cemented the notion that a show could be hilariously funny while still making you care about the characters and what happened to them, going through laughs to tears in seconds. The ongoing saga of Ross and Rachel on Friends, the serialized call-backs of How I Met Your Mother and even the fantasy arcs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (see: Baby Devil Possession Amidst Wise-Cracks) can all be traced directly back to Soap.



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