Top 10 Signs to Look For When You Are Poor

Have you, or someone you know, ever been down and out? Maybe you recently got laid off or are one of the millions of underemployed Americans today. If so, read this article to gain great advice on how to survive and thrive an economic melt down in your own life. Remember, just because your life is spiraling downhill faster than a two ton ball of cement does not mean you can't have a sense of humor. Relax and feel completely confident that your life will be headed in the right direction after you read this lens. Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional but I play one on weekends. Enjoy!


#1 Quick, look for a job. Need help? This sign will lead the way. If you're poor, look for a 'Now Hiring' sign. Of course, we are in a recession and no companies are hiring right now but don't let that stop you from filling out 100 job applications a day. Remember, wait by the phone because it might never know.


#2 Being poor might make you sick. No worries, you can always look for an 'Emergency Room' sign if you need to take a load off. No money needed and an emergency room makes a great place to rest and, if you're lucky, they might give you some painkillers.


#3 Looking for work all day can really make you hungry. Need to eat? Look for an 'All You Can Eat' sign. It makes sense to try and stretch your last remaining dollars as much as possible. Go ahead, get your monies worth.


#4 Do you need a place to sleep? Then look for this sign. Really, I'm serious. You can wonder around in peace since the place is always open. Day or night, feel free to go inside at any time. I'm sure you'll be welcomed with open arms.


#5 Don't waste money on high ATM fees. You can make a withdrawal and save a few pennies. Use the 99 cent ATM machine instead. See, this is actually a good tip (in case you were beginning to think this article wasn't serious). Fooled you!


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