Top 10 Things I'm Psyched For @Blogher09

In two days, I’ll be heading to Chicago to my very first blogging conference.
When I started this blog seven months ago, I had no idea that there
were so many bloggers out there. And now, I get to meet about 1,400 of
them. Or at least 5. Including my roommies, (Rachel and Julia) who graciously are letting me crash in their room.

I just finished reading the conference guide, and I’m more psyched
than ever. I am going to wish that this gemini actually could be in two
places at once, because in most of the time slots there are multiple
sesions I’d like to attend. I’ve made my Excel Packing List. I have my
outfits mapped out, because apparently this conference is as much about
fashion as it is about blogging. I’ve RSVP’d to some parties. Now all I
have to do is run a couple of errands tomorrow night, charge up all my
batteries and pack. Oh, and get up at oh-dark-thirty to get to the
airport. Steve’s dropping me at DIA at 630. AM. Yay me! Especially
since I’m not doing caffeine. Yet.

Here are the top 10 things I’m most psyched about my first Blogher:

  1. Stalking Meeting some of my favorite bloggers, like Jessica of, Miss Britt and The Stiletto Mom.
  2. Learning more about blogging, making money as a blogger, how to
    make this website better, and maybe even some behind the scenes techhy
    things like .php that will make me more comfortable tinkering with my
    own code.
  3. The parties. Oh, the parties. I love parties, but I’m nervous
    because I really don’t know ANYONE and I’m not drinking. I’ll be
    fake-drinking–club soda with a twist–to keep my hands busy.
  4. Going to “camp”–remember, showing up at summer sleepaway camp and
    not knowing your bunkmates? And then after four days becoming so bonded
    that you cry hysterically when your mom shows up in the station wagon
    to take you home? (Carol Quick! I still LOVE YOU! Camp Tomahawk!!)
    That’s how our room at the Sheraton will be. I’m sure of it. But
    without the latrine cleaning duty, because that’s what hotel maids are
  5. Going to the Art Institute on Thursday afternoon before all the chaos starts, and making a long walk of it with my camera.
  6. Finding my new tribe.
  7. SWAG. I hear rumors of the wonderous, gluttonous amount of
    shit-we-all-get at this conference. I’m packing an extra bag and I’m
    not afraid of spending $15 to check it on the way home.
  8. Adding new sites to my blogroll–as if I can keep up with the 50+ blogs I follow now.
  9. Doing a “photo walk” with pro shooter Erin Manning at lunch on Friday.
  10. Introducing more people to this blog!
  11. Oh, and I forgot about the Venetian Night in Chicago on Saturday,
    which is a huge parade of lighted boats on Lake Michigan, which will be
    viewable from the hotel. I want to bring my tripod for that, but I
    don’t think it will fit in my bag. Bummer.

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