Top 20 Restaurants in Prague and WHY!!

While Prague was sadly too commercial for me and it took me four days to discover places outside the city’s edge and non-tourist getaways, there’s a lot of ambiance and good food if you’re patient enough to scout…and travel a bit. Some of my favorite “food” experiences are fairly central however.

1. Restaurant V Zatisi on Lilova in old town Prague. This restaurant selection was top on our concierge’s list as well and I have to agree with him, it was top notch. V Zátiší restaurant was opened in 1991 as one of the first private restaurants in Prague. Since then, it has not only become an integral part of the lives of experienced food connoisseurs, but also a place where, away from the spotlight, Prague businessmen and diplomats like to meet and greet.

The unfortunate part about our dining experience was watching 90% of our tables looking at their mobile devices, answering text messages and emails rather than talking to each other.

On the plus side, the food and the wine was out of this world. I was so intrigued that they let me into the kitchen to see other dishes come out so I could get a taste of… (to read more, click here including the list of other restaurants I checked out in Prague....and for more on food and wine here).

Renee Blodgett

Founder, We Blog the World, Magic Sauce Media & Magic Sauce Photography


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