3 Leadership Resolutions Business Owners Need in 2014

Just as your friends and family are making their resolutions to wake up earlier, get a little exercise every day, and to eat out less, you are making your resolutions for how to better run your business next year. Much of running a business shows in how you lead your team. Without a solid, happy, and engaged team behind you, running a business can prove to be a near impossible task.

Kick off 2014 with an army of employees behind you, ready to charge the New Year and boost your business with these three resolutions!

Pay attention to the little things.

Being a boss is about more than making sure that at the end of the day your profits are greater than your losses. Being a boss is also about keeping peace in the office and making sure everyone is happy and comfortable in their workspace. When you come in every morning, it's easy to rush into your office and close the door to get a head start on the workload. Try entering in a little slower in 2014. Say hello to your employees one at a time, ask how they’re doing and take note of their answers, and once you get to your office, keep the door open so anyone that didn't get to say hi can stop by.

Show appreciation to your team.

Let your team know you appreciate all the hard work they do for you and your business. This can be as simple as sending a quick email saying, “Thank you for the exceptional hard work you put into that last project and for taking the time to stay late in the office to keep working on it.” You can also show your appreciation on a seasonal basis with fun parties held at the appropriate times of the year. Throwing a party and providing a good meal is a great way to show thanks.  

Be an understanding boss.

Just as I am a business owner, mother, wife, and friend, I know that my employees also wear other hats and have various obligations too. You don’t need to hand out days off like candy, but be sure to always hear your employees out when they request time off. Sometimes life gets in the way so you'll want to implement flexible scheduling for full time and part time workers alike. This year, try and be the boss you’d like to have. 


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