Top 5 Games to add FUN to any gathering

I love game nights! All I asked for this Christmas was games! I received TEN new games and I can't wait to have people over to play them all. A game night is such an easy way to bring people together for an unpredictable event. I always seem to learn something new about my friends when we have games night! Here is a list of my top five favorite games. Oh it's so hard to narrow it down

  1. Trouble - Yeah I know its old school but I LOVE this game. The adreneline of racing around the board trying not to get sent back before you make it to homebase! Plus the the center dice popper makes a cool sound!
  2. SceneIT - This is a new favorite. I have to specify that while I have the board game version of SceneIt as well, I much prefer the Xbox 360 version. The game comes with 4 handheld buzz devices for you to use in selecting answers to numerous fun question about movies! This game gives multiple choice options unlike its board game counterpart which makes it fun for people who are not necessarily all about movies.
  3. Cranium PopCranium and Cranium Pop - I grouped these two games together because although they are different in gaming aparatus they are based on the same premise. As the name suggests, Cranium Pop is the pop culture version of the game and is played in teams. A designated team member performs one of numerous tasks including drawing, acting out, or sculpting out of clay based on a clue for the team to guess. Its fun to see how people recreate clues!
  4. Guesstures - An updated verson of Charades, this game can lead to hours of laughter even after the game has ended. It is so funny to see people act out clues trying to beat the clock! Always a party favorite.
  5. TabooTaboo - This is my favorite game of all time! That Taboo buzzer haughts my dreams but I love the game. The object is to get your team to guess a particular word or phase but there are a list of words that you can not say while doing this. If by chance you do slip up and say one of those words, someone from the other team is standing by to buzz you for the mistake. It's hilarious!

And as always, don't forget to have the camera handy! You are going to want to capture all the antics a games night can create!

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