Top 5 Pinterest Boards for Crafty Homeschoolers

I do love Pinterest.

Show me a woman who doesn't like Pinterest, and I'll just show you a woman who prefers Wanelo.  I've found that Pinterest is for people who need ideas, and Wanelo is for people who need to buy those ideas.  Ben showed me Wanelo once and I said, "Heck, I could make that." To which he replied, "And that's why you are on Pinterest."

There are so many helpful boards I follow, I could hardly list them all.  I feel I am still just dabbling in my boards, and I have over 1,000 pins.  Truly professional pinners are in the +10,000 pin range, with +5,000 followers!  It's just crazy.  I think I have around 130 followers, which is still a crazy idea to me, honestly.  I didn't even have a quarter of that many people at my wedding (which was pre-Pinterest era...can you imagine??)

But there are always some boards that stand out more than others, so here are a few that I love!

1. Kids Play Arts Crafts: Preschoolers
I love this board because I would do all these projects by myself, they are so much fun.

2. Carol's Easy Learning Games
Carol Barnier is an amazing speaker, and a very interesting woman who has a million good ideas...look around!  
Homemade Marble Run
3. The Ultimate Homeschool Board
This is a great board with a ton of ideas, lapbooks, links and supplies for homeschoolers.  Highly recommended!
4. Homeschool Organization
You may know how to teach, but organizing a bazillion books, binders and projects may not be on your daily agenda, so to speak.  It might not even be on your radar.  But it's important...and here is some help!
This is so disturbingly neat and orderly...
5. And Boards.  Because, why not?  Maybe you'll find something on there you like!







Top 5 Pinterest Boards for Crafty Homeschoolers:

~~For those of us with fire.~~


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