Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Is Going Back to The Hilton New York

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You have likely heard by now that #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is returning to New York City, and tickets are selling now (and fast). Actually, not only are we going back to the Big Apple but we are returning to the largest hotel in New York, the Hilton New York.

Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us  Is Going Back to The Hilton New York

The Hilton has been home to three major BlogHer events: BlogHer '10, BlogHer Writers in 2011, and BlogHer '12. Some of you who joined us in 2012 could hardly be blamed for thinking maybe BlogHer had outgrown the Hilton. We're addressing this partly by continuing the policy we had last year to cap the number of tickets sold. We can make sure the Hilton and #BlogHer15 are a perfect fit.

Today I also wanted to share with you the Top 5 reasons the Hilton became the no-brainer, must-have venue for our return to New York City!

Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us  Is Going Back to The Hilton New York
BlogHer '10

  • Elevator renovations. It may seem a bit strange to kick off this list by letting you know that the Hilton New York has upgraded their elevator technology, but this was actually one of the top concerns people had in 2012. BIG groups of people, lots of floors to get to, limited numbers of elevators with (obviously) limited space... you do the math. So the new technology includes sensors in the elevator that recognize when the elevator is full and will not stop on other floors with people wanting to get on, until it lets some people off. No more having the doors open floor after floor, even though no one else can get on. Less frustrating AND saves lots and lots of time!

  • Grab and Go Food. It made the news when the Hilton New York announced that they no longer offer room service. But the news only told part of the story. It's true that like so many other hotels, they now have a new Grab and Go station where you can pick from a variety of food offerings to take to your room. But! You can still order items from that Grab and Go to be delivered to your room! Because of the nature of the offerings and the easy mode of delivery (in a bag, not via linen-covered cart), your food is delivered, but without the long wait, high service charges, and sky-high room service pricing!

  • Hotel and Meeting Room Renovations. Along with the elevator and internet renovations, they have also renovated their sleeping rooms. These sleeping rooms are state of the art with more plugs, fabulous mattresses, and so much more. They've also spruced up the meeting spaces.

Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us  Is Going Back to The Hilton New York
BlogHer Writers in 2011

  • More Hang-out Space. One of the things we have loved about the Chicago Sheraton is their awesome lobby full of comfy seating; it becomes the place to hang out after hours. The Hilton New York didn't really used to have *any* free seating space on the lobby level. But now with their evolved approach to food and food services, they have created more open seating where one can lounge, check email, and meet up with friends and colleagues all within the confines of the hotel. The entire restaurant space in the back of the hotel has been re-designed and is now only used for breakfast. During the rest of the day it is open seating! No more sitting on the floor for us!

  • Better Tech and New Management Means Better Service. We're a big group, and we have a lot of diverse needs. And when something isn't working we need it fixed... fast. Perhaps the biggest selling point for me was when the new General Manager described how the Hilton has invested in new back-office technology. The reporting tasks that used to take department leadership hours to complete are now mostly automated. That gets those folks out from behind their computers and endless spreadsheets and out on the floor working with their teams and making sure their customers are taken care of. As a geek that spoke to me, and to the belief that technology doesn't have to replace humans; it can help humans do what they do best!

Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us  Is Going Back to The Hilton New York
BlogHer '12

The Hilton and its new management went out of their way to make sure we understood all the ways they have upgraded their property and their service since we were last there. They remember the excitement of the BlogHer Annual Conference, and they want it back!

You can reserve your room now for #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us either online (use BLG to enjoy our BlogHer rate) or by telephone at 1.855.760.0871 and mention BlogHer and our code, BLG. And don't forget, of course, to buy your pass!

See you in New York!


Elisa Camahort Page
SR. VP Community Content & Events



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