5 Things I Don't Miss from My Pre-Kid Days

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I notice mom bloggers often post about the things they miss from their pre-child(ren) life. Whether it be about how our work or social or family or home realities have changed, we all seem to post about it at some point. For good measure, we always add in how we wouldn't trade in our current child-filled life for the old one anyway.

I have to tell you: There are lots of things I don't miss from my pre-children days. Not one single bit.

Top 5 Things Laughing Mom Doesn't Miss from her Pre-Children Days.

1. Needing quarters to do laundry. I recall student living where I would hoard quarters so I would have enough when my underwear drawer became bare. I usually ended up leaving the laundry in the washer way past when it should have been moved to the dryer. More often than not I would remember the load a few hours (days...) later and find it in a slightly wet heap on top of the washer. Little people manage to generate more laundry than is explainable. No sooner has a wash been folded and put away than two more dirty piles magically appear in its place. A few quarters for each load? I'd be broke! I still forget to move it to the dryer, but it no longer ends up in a soggy pile on top of it.

2. Having to yell in a friend's ear so she car hear me over the volume of the music. The nodding your head in agreement even though you didn't hear everything she said in response. Miming, "I have to go to the bathroom, want to come," and, "I'll have a vodka-soda please," in lieu of screeching it. Clubs have been replaced with play places and family restaurants. I still have to raise my voice over children's wails of excitement that their plate is shaped like a boat, but I can have a descent conversation while miming is now reserved for game night.

3. Not dressing for the winter. I live in Canada. We get at least four months of sub-zero (Celsius) weather. Dozens of pairs of heeled boots that never had a hope in hell of gripping snow and ice, and days of skipping the toque in favor of keeping my hair style are gone. It is difficult enough to convince a toddler to wear a hat and gloves without him realizing that Mom isn't. I now pull out my lined, flat winter boots and thick hat and gloves, and dutifully put them on along with my toddler's. Believe it or not -- I am warm! Who knew? Interestingly, as my son waddles along s-l-o-w-l-y in his snow pants, I never take pause to think about how the wool hat is making my hair frizzy, I am just glad I remembered to grab the one that covers my ears so well.

4. Meetings. Maternity leave won't last forever, but for now, I am meeting free. Yes, I have doubled the number of bosses I report to, and yes, some days most definitely lack adult conversation, but I no longer have to run from meeting to presentation to deadline to meeting. Kids are having a good time on the slip and slide? I can do groceries tomorrow. See what Damon Salvatore is up to while the kids nap? Don't mind if I do. Leave home at 6:30 am so I have enough time to get to an 8 am meeting in the face of a winter snow storm? No thanks. I'll bake cookies and build a fort instead. Of course the days are not always overflowing with sunshine and roses, but they are mine to fill.

5. Waking up to an alarm clock. The children are up earlier than than I used to get up for work. They don't have a snooze button and there is not hope in hell that a power cut will prevent them from going off and allow me to blissfully sleep until noon. But a squirming with joy baby and a toddler bear hug at the crack dawn beat a beeping alarm any day.

5 Things I Don't Miss from Pre-Kid Days
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What are you happy to leave behind in your pre-children days?


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