Top 5: Tips you should know before marriage

Here are my the top five tips that you should know before getting married.  This is not an exhaustive list! These are what I believe are the most crucial building blocks to a good marriage.

#1 First of all you have to know who you are.  There is nothing worse than being in a situation where you are being defined by someone other than God Himself.  Having an awareness of who are sets a great foundation for understanding the type of person you may want in your life.

#2 Know and understand what marriage is. People tend to get caught up in the idea of marriage but really have no idea of the contractual agreement you are entering.  Having a clear understanding gives you the assurance you need to make a wise decision.  

 #3 Embrace truth. Step out of the cloud of dilution and ask the tough questions. “Am I better or worse because of this relationship?” “Do I really know this person?” “Have I experienced this person in good and bad times?” “What is their family situation?”

#4 Friendship is a key principle. It is the very core of your relationship.  Good friends fight for one another. They contribute to your success. They cover your flaws. Friendship reaches beyond physical attraction. Are you friends?

#5- Do you both have a relationship with God.  A person that can submit to God shows you their nature.  There will always be help available and they will seek to do you good because they seek to please God.  God will deliver the both of you from others and from one another.  He is a counselor, protector and giver of life. God blesses what he honors.


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