The Top Five Toys That Helped Shape My Life

Recently, I was looking on line for a clip of the old "Mr. Microphone" commercial.  You know the one where the guy is in the car and says, "Hey Good Lookin', we'll be back to pick ya' up later!"? 

Well in doing so, I came across a few retro commercials for toys, and I stayed there for what seemed like hours.  I was fascinated.

There were a few that I thought, "Oh I had those!".  And then there were a few that I thought, "Wow!  How did that not kill/poison/maim someone?"

And then, there were some select chosen sacred ones that I looked on with absolute fondness. 

Wow.  I was truly overcome with emotion when seeing one or two of these.  And then the next day, one showed up in an episode of an old tv show.  And then, I was holding one in an old picture I found.  And then today, someone referenced one.  So that led me to do the only thing I could think to do.



Number 5:  The Little Professor Calculator  

Thank you Little Professor for increasing my fear of math (and maybe old men and/or owls).  I don't care how cute, wise, and little you look, you are still a calculator. 

I remember trying to play games on it.  My poor parents.  They did everything they could to help me in the ways of math and spelling, but alas, the latest technology did not increase my skill set.  If I were a student in today's school system, I would have what is referred to as an "IEP" -- or an "Individualized Education Program".  Basically, it's for those of us with learning disabilities.  Ah well...... seven out of every five people have problems with math.

Number 4:  Merlin

My grandparents gave me this little gem.  Still have it somewhere, I believe. 

Merlin had fun games on it, but I mainly used it to play tic-tac-toe, and all the music stuff.  You could even create your own song, and it would play it back to you.  TOTALLY RAD!

Number 3:  Simon

Rrreeeddd................................... Rrreeeeddd
Rreedd Blue................................Rreedd Blue
Red Blue Blue............................Red Blue Blue
Red Blue Blue Yellow.............. Red Blue Blue Yellow

I think all Freshman level Music Majors should have to master Simon in first year theory and aural skills class.

Number 2:  Big Trak

Oh YEAH!  This sucker was COOL!  Are you kidding me!??!?!  You could program that thing to go anywhere, dump the cargo from the trailer it was hauling, and then come back to you.  And this was 1979!!! 

Often my mom would ask for me to take something to her in the kitchen from my room or the hall.  I'd put it in my Big Trak, and just 46 programmed steps later, it was traveling at a speed of half a mile per hour, and delivering the goods. 

There's a whole internet community dedicated to this marvelous machine, and aiming to keep it's memory intact.  I say, BRING IT!

And finally, the number one toy that made me who I am:

Number 1:  2XL  

It was a while before I realized the play on words that was this robot's name.  (I'm not good at things like that, or figuring out license plate meanings either -- as both my sister and Dad will probably attest to accordingly.  Anyway......)

2XL and I were close friends.  His jokes were corny, but his knowledge was remarkable.  I learned a lot from him.  And I'd like to think..... he from me as well.

Goodnight little robot.  Sleep well.....and thank you.



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