The Top Kids’ Hair Trends of 2011

Child celebrities have always influenced hairstyle trends for kids. Add that to the fact that because of the hundreds of blogs that cover “Celebri-Kids’” comings and goings, hovering paparazzi make sure that the public gets a glimpse every time an adult star hits the street with kids in tow. So now, not just child stars, but the children of celebrities are setting the trends for kids’ hairstyles.

2011 was the biggest year so far for hairstyle trends started by Celebri-Kids. Let’s take a look:

Coolest Girls’ Hair Trend: Feathers


Lola Sheen, Kaia Gerber, and Neriah Fisher

Celebri-Kids like Lola Sheen rocked hair feathers in all lengths and colors from the playground to the big screen. Salons have been jammed with young girls standing in line to get feathers added to their hair (moms, too!). With clip-on and professionally placed in feathers available, the look is easy to achieve. It’s so popular, that there is actually a shortage of feathers out there! I don’t expect this style to fly away anytime soon!

And here’s Stella Spelling being fitted for feathers at a salon in Toronto:

Spelling Feathers


Bravest Hair Trend: Dyed Hair

Dyed Hair


Coco Arquette and Kingston Rossdale

Courtney Cox’s daughter Coco Arquette is the mini-queen of dyed hair. First she had Jenn-inspired blonde highlights then recently celebrated her seventh birthday by getting bright blue and purple highlights! And Gwen Stefani’s oldest, Kingston Rossdale, shocked everyone with his bright blue ‘do. While most parents agree that kids are too young for permanent dye, temporary (wash-out) hair color in vibrant colors has been huge this year. A neon strand or two (or three!) gives style instant wow-factor. This trend is sure to last through 2012!

Edgiest Hair Trend: The Mohawk


Kingston Rossdale, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, and Angel Iris Murphy Brown

As if blue hair wasn’t enough, Celebri-Kid Kingston Rossdale took it a step further this summer when he hit the town in his Mohawk. Since then Maddox, one of the Jolie-Pitt brood, has adopted a similar ‘do. And the Mohawk isn’t just for boys—former Spice Girl Melanie Brown’s daughter was spotted sporting this edgy style, too. Getting this wild look is easier than you think—and don’t worry, thanks to a little hairstyling trick we call a “Faux-Hawk” it doesn’t have to be quite this extreme!

Most Copied Boys’ Hair Trend: Surfer Bangs

Beiber Shots


Justin Beiber, Pax Jolie-Pitt, and Zac Efron

Although he’s grown out of his signature long bangs style, Justin Bieber’s locks were still the number one requested hairstyle for boys in 2011. And it’s been many years since Zac Effron sported the look, but the popularity of this modern take on the “surfer look” has had boys of all ages asking for long layers and side swept bangs. Even Pax Jolie-Pitt’s side swept bangs are a touch “Beiber-esque”.

What’s Next? Braids! Braids! Braids!

Kids Braids


Selena Gomez, Violet Affleck, and Nahla Aubry

Towards the end of 2011, we’ve seen braids make a comeback in a big way. Teen queen and Disney channel regular Selena Gomez has fully embraced the braid trend, and seems to favor the loose side braid. French Braids, Hairband Braids, and more are showing up on Celebri-Kids of all ages, making the boring braid a thing of the past. 2012 will be all about fun braids and accessories.

Celeb Braids







Jennifer Anniston, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and Rachel McAdams

Braids are not just for kids either; many adult celebs have been wearing pretty plaits on the red carpet and in the magazines. What makes this trend so suddenly popular? The versatility! Braids can be dressed up and down, and work well with other popular hair trends like hair color and feathers. A bright pop of color woven into a braid can give your little lady a funky edge, and a sweet ribbon can soften any style.

At Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, braids have become so popular, I’ve opened Braid Bars in all three  salons to accommodate all the little girls looking for a unique braided style. You can also find instructions on how to do some awesone braids at home in my bood Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair.

(But don’t worry, we still do hair feathers, Beibers, and Faux-Hawks at my salons, too)

2011 was such a fun year in kids’ hair trends, and I’m excited to see what pretty, wild, or crazy styles 2012 will bring.

Happy New Year, and happy hairstyling with these top trends!