Top memory tips from experts

nun, professor, pencil, soup, banana, teddy bear, friend

Memorize this list of 7 items then try to recall them all in 10 minutes. If you can't, check out these tips from "memory experts" to help you improve your ability to recall lists, phone numbers and other pieces of information.

1. Pay attention (don't let yourself get distracted by texting, Facebook, etc.) when you're trying to store something in your memory.

2. Create a mental picture (remember the atmosphere of your location, some characteristics of the person's face, etc.).

3. Tell a story. Instead of just trying to remember a list of items, link them together. 

Number 3 seems to work the best for me, and that's how I was able to remember all seven items later.

I pictured the nun holding the teddy bear in one hand and the pencil in the other, and wearing a graduation cap (even though the word was "professor". Then I pictured the teddy bear eating a banana and calling his friend, who was eating soup. 

So the nun was three items (pencil and professor), the teddy bear was two (banana) and the friend was two (soup).

Which memory tip helped you? Did you remember the list easily?

Here's the piece:


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