Top Must Have Dishes & Kitchen Accessories for Christmas Time

Every time around the holidays, people are looking for their traditional favourites, whether that’s rum balls, bread stuffing or Grandma’s “special” hot cocoa.  Without these mainstays of Christmas fare, the holidays just don’t seem the same.  There might also be specific kitchen accessories you may find you can’t do without; these are the gadgets that make your life easier in the kitchen, particularly at Christmas time.

Your go-to Christmas dishes should include:

  1. 1.Christmas Eve Lasagna:  The beauty of any lasagna – let alone one made for Christmas Eve festivities – is that it can be made a month ahead of time and frozen.  Once it’s cooked, you have a hot, mouthwatering cheesy delight that will leave your whole family full and ready to open presents the next day.

2.Maple and mustard glazed ham:  For many, ham is a staple of their Christmas table, so why not really enhance your traditional ham?  With sweet maple syrup and spicy mustard, this dish is a nearly-perfect blend succulent sweetness and a perfect centerpiece to nearly all Christmas festivities.

3.Mashed sweet potatoes:  Those who cannot go without the creamy texture of the sweet potato over the holidays need not worry; delicious mashed sweet potatoes – complete with a light drizzle of maple syrup and brown sugar – are only a few minutes away.  This is a light and fluffy alternative to mashed potatoes as well; why not try a new twist on an old favourite?

Green bean casserole:  There are many different versions of this popular dish, but before your relatives start arguing about whose recipe is the best, place this dish in front of them and watch their mouths water.  With the sweet bite of red pepper, crisp white corn and, of course, the centerpiece of the dish, this is a recipe sure to please all comers to your dining room table.

5.Christmas cake:  Say what you will about this Christmas classic; it’s gotten an undeserved bad rap.  With its balance of sweet and tart and the moistness of the cake, this is a Christmas dish which practically melts in your mouth.  The nice thing is, once people have had their fill of the cake, the leftovers can be steamed and served with either a custard or brown sugar sauce and served as pudding.

Enjoy the holidays with the people closest to you, whether it be with friends or family. And make sure to feast with some absolutely, delicious meals!


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