Top 10 Features of Our Cardboard Dollhouse

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Alternate Title: Polly Drain My Pocket vs. Cassie and the Cable Box

Why we love our cardboard box.

1. The cable company provided the box and the Sunday paper provided the furniture.

2. We worked together. She picked the pictures, I cut, she used the glue stick. She stuck around for about 2/3 of the project.

3. All those small random figurines finally have a place to call home.

4. She wanted that can of tuna fish to go in the kitchen. She's going to have some very happy kitties.

5. I like how the mom can look out the window of her kitchen and see the kids playing in the yard.

6. I love how Cassie has that Vanna White flair when showing off the living room.

7. The lamp seemingly floats in midair. Who needs a side table?

8. Check out the bathroom off the side of the kitchen! It's so clean.

9. The bedroom has not one but two comfy beds to rest your sleepy head on.

10. The backyard has something for everyone. Spring is here and the outdoors are calling!

We had fun with this project, and she will periodically check on the the folks in the house and move them from room to room throughout the day. This is my kind of toy. We were able to spend time together, create something fun, and use the items we already had laying around the house.

What do you do with your cardboard boxes?

Janna - Can also be found at The Adventure of Motherhood.


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