Top Ten Life Lessons According to a Stay At Home Mom

As a mom, there's lots to learn. I learn new things everyday. Some are silly, some are eye opening. But usually everything I learn makes me thankful that I am a mom.
Here's some of life's greatest lessons according to me: 

1. Follow your gut, but don't forget to listen to your head. Everyone says follow your heart, which I do agree with, but sometimes in life you just have to use common sense. I am horrible about making decisions, especially huge, important, life decisions. I have such a hard time even ordering my meal when we go out. But when it comes to bigger decisions, I feel like you have to use your head and think with your brain to avoid mistakes.

2. Don't plan on perfect. I might sound like a downer, but in reality nothing is perfect. I think when we expect perfection for everything, and it doesn't happen, we are more dissapointed and upset about it in the end. The way I look at it is that if you don't expect perfect and it doesn't work the way you planned, you won't be as disappointed, but if it turns out even better than expected, it will result in more happiness and satisfaction.

3. Don't give up. Sometimes this is too easy to do. It's hard to keep going sometimes, but if you don't give up and you do succeed, it's a wonderful feeling to be proud of yourself. I do think of myself sometimes as a 'dreamer', but if I didn't have dreams, what would I be working towards? I also think it's so important to not give up even when other people have opinions about your dreams...(see below)

4. Don't let others opinions change your own opinions. I think it's important to get friends or family's opinions to help you sometimes, but if you are set on doing something that will make you happy, then do it, regardless of what anyone says. Don't let someone else tell you that you won't like it or it's a bad idea when they won't be the ones doing it.

5. Always be prepared. This should actually probably be number one on my list of life lessons. I have always gone by this saying, but now that I am a mom, it's my go to saying. (And there's times when I'm still not prepared for some things!) You never know what will happen. Whether it be a flat tire, a blow out diaper, an unexpected medical bill, a burnt meal, or a change of plans, it's best to try to be ready.

6. Keep your mouth shut. You'd be surprised at how much you can hear and learn when you keep your mouth shut. Sometimes it's best to not be a loud mouth and let other people do the talking. This might be because I'm shy, but I really do think this is true for anyone. I think the world would be a better place if everyone did a little more listening and a little less talking.

7. The only thing that stays the same, is change. Our lives are constantly changing, whether we like it or not. It's something we have to understand and accept. There are so many different stages and times in our lives, and everything will always be changing.

8. Everything happens according to God's plan. I have to remind myself of this daily. I truly believe that everything that goes on in our lives- good, bad, happy, sad, sickness, hardships, problems, troubles, celebrations; happens because God has a plan for each and every one of us. Sometimes it's hard to find the reason why or accept what his plan is but I think one day it will all make sense to us.

9. You can always make more money, but you never know how much quality time you have with loved ones. This was hard for me to get equaled out when I first started blogging. I felt like I had to be the best from the start and make tons of money right away. I was spending way too much time on my computer instead of holding my babies and cuddling with my husband. I think there are times of work and times of relaxation and I think family time is important.

10. Eat chocolate. :) 


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