Top Ten Questions to ask your Analytics Service Provider


Week two of class, I am getting into the swing of being in school again. Thinking back, the last time I was enrolled in college courses was for my Teaching Credential at San Diego State, ten years ago. Ten years prior to that, I was at UC Davis getting my Bachelor’s in Human Development. So it seems I upgrade myself every ten years, which probably keeps my husband from doing a “refresh” (trading the old wife and family in for a younger one. ;-) The focus this week inWeb Analytics 2.0 was Key ComponentsTerms, Tools and Vendors. I won’t bore you with my vendor profile on Omniture “the Ferrari of Business Optimization Tools.”Rather, I will give you a list of questions you should ask before you “Marry Your Vendor,” as Avinash Kaushik says in his textbook Web Analytics 2.0. These pertinent questions are adapted from this text in chapter two.

  1. Why would I choose you over the free solutions out there? (How are you unique, what is your best feature or service?)
  2. Do you provide software or are you solely a service provider? (They should insist you only use first-party cookies)
  3. Do you utilize several data capture mechanisms? (We are looking for multiplicity and the ability to work with rich media.)
  4. Will I own my data? What are the estimated costs of ownership?
  5. What support will be available to me? What are those costs?
  6. Will I be able to segment my data, how? (This is a must have feature in order to gather insights.)
  7. How does data export from your system to mine? What happens to my data if I cancel my contract?
  8. How easily can you integrate or import outside data? (Additional data sources leads to greater insights and site optimization.)
  9. What is your three year improvement plan? How will your product change and adapt to keep ahead of the competition?
  10. Who can recommend you? What clients have you recently lost and why? Have you made improvements based on that feedback?

These questions should help you make an informed decision before you enter into a contract with an Analytics Service Provider. I hope you find this information helpful on your quest for enlightenment and site optimization.

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