In Defense of Mom Jeans: 10 Reasons to Rock the Look

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1. Ample coverage. At our age, no one really needs to see your ass. Actually, this is a good rule of thumb for any age.

2. They're flattering. Who decided jeans that begin at your vagina were a good idea?

3. Because you ARE a mom. It's okay to look like one. Just skip the holiday sweater. I'm not just saying that because I'm Jewish.

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4. They're classic. My mom had a lot of rules about what to do "at a certain age." Like Cut your hair! or Wear a bra! Not sure about all of them, but it's true that at a certain age, wearing trendy clothing is a risk. Now, no risk, no reward, but on the other hand, in ten years are we all going to be looking at our pictures saying -- what were we thinking with those skinny jeans??

5. You don't have to pull them up every two minutes. Enough said -- though I hear there is this invention called a belt.

6. They're comfortable. If you're a mom who can teeter around in heels all day, God bless, but some of us are currently rocking the ballet flat in a wide variety of super fun neutrals, thank you very much.

7. They come with stretch. All jeans do these days, even mom jeans! Hurrah.

8. They're not sad. Okay, a little sad but totally not the saddest thing you could ever wear! People associate "mom jeans" with the reluctant acceptance of middle age, but I say it's far worse to be in denial. Unless you were actually on Desperate Housewives, you should NOT dress like one.

9. You can wear your Spanx with them. Now you could maneuver your low rise jeans/Spanx combo to include a tunic that covers your muffin top, but that is a lot of maneuvering for a busy mom! Which brings me to number ten:

10. Mom jeans keep it simple. Being all MILF-ey in your low rise tight jeans, heels and glam Real Housewives top is a lot of work. Give yourself a break. Put on some mom jeans, order an Appletini or whatever your terrible 90s drink of choice is for mom's night out (and I know you have one), and call it a day. You deserve it!


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