Blogging and Liability Class with Lauren Gelman at State of Play Academy

At this summer's Blogher Conference, I had the opportunity to hear Lauren Gelman, Associate Director of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society,  and Dean of State of Play Academy present at the blogging communities session called, "So, You Have This Crazy Idea."  She gave us a primer on copyright and fairuse,  shared her experienced from a blogging community for law students, talked about her plans for teaching this topic on the 3-D virtual world, ...more

Lauren rocks! I hope when her class schedule slows down I can do an interview with her.more

Doing Good In The Neighborhood

There are many ways in which you can financially support issues, causes and communities you care about beyond the traditional ones we think of such as making a donation to a non-profit organization. Whether it's your corporate or your personal spending, wielding your checkbook wisely can help bring about change. One of the ways in which the BlogHer '06 Conference was able to support a community was through the stuffing of the tote bags given to attendees. In 2005 the bags were stuffed by a handful of volunteers in Elisa's living room. Given that conference attendance nearly tripled in 2006, this option was out of the question if we wanted to maintain our sanity and leave any room in the house for Elisa's kitty, Samantha. ...more

I know some of the workers for ARC, the CAP shop is nearby and we occasionally walk around the ...more

UPDATED: Attn. BlogHer '06 Attendees: Participate in our post-conference survey

Last week we sent out a post-conference survey to recipients of our BlogHer Conferences Newsletter. Realizing that not every attendee is subscribed to the newsletter I thought I'd also put the call out here: If you attended the conference and would like to get a link to the survey, please email me and provide the name or pseudonym with which you registered for the conference. I'll reply with a direct link to the survey. UPDATED: Should mention that the survey itself is totally anonymous, even though I'm asking for your registration name to send you the link. ...more

UPDATED: More BlogHer Audio: Interviews

One of our '06 Technology partners, ListenShare, conducted a bunch of interviews at BlogHer '06 and has posted them to a variety of places: -Download from the ListenShare site. -Subscribe or download via Odeo. -Subscribe or download from iTunes Music Store. ...more

Listen to BlogHer '06: Edublogging, DIY, Identity and Mommyblogging session audio

Here are the first batch of BlogHer breakout session audio recordings. The sessions from Day Two, Session #1 can be found after the jump. ...more

BlogHer '06 Keynote Recordings Now Available!

I'm excited to publish the first of many recordings from the BlogHer Conference '06 sessions. Each of BlogHer's sessions were lovingly recorded by our crack volunteer audio team!! Day One Lunch Keynote Recording (44.9MB) Day Two Closing Keynote Recording (66.8MB) See descriptions after the jump. ...more

Your wish is my command!

Hope this helps :)

Elisa Camahort
BlogHer and Worker ...more

In case you tried but couldn't access it: Bloom by AG BlogHerCon Offer

As many of you who attended BlogHer '06 know, a digital locker was provided for accessing speaker bios, session presentations, and sponsor special offers. One of the offers by American Greetings' division for women, Bloom, was not uploaded into the file properly, and the link to their special offer was broken. ...more

Just some of the BlogHer '06 volunteers

[img_assist|fid=1228|thumb=1|alt=BlogHer 06 Audio Team] Behold them in all their glory! The BlogHer '06 Audio Team, led by toy, who was ably assisted by Mr. Feet on the Street Kirk...and a team of volunteer audio-geeks or wanna-be audio geeks. ...more

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Preparing photos for Flickr

I just uploaded some of my photos from BlogHer '06 to Flickr. Flickr has gotten so easy to use, it's a pleasure. The free Flickr Uploader makes fast work of uploading and tagging a batch of photos. Before uploading I do some quick adjustments in Photoshop. I add a Shadow/Highlight adjustment (Image>Adjustments>Shadow/Highlight) or a Levels adjustment (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels) to those photos that need lightening or added contrast. Then I run the Image Processor that's built into Photoshop CS2 (File>Scripts>Image Processor) to quickly resize the photos to fit in a 400x400 pixel space, saving them as jpegs to a new folder. Then I upload the entire folder of fixed images using the Flickr uploader. It's a cinch. ...more

3 years ago we backed up 5 years of photos to a new external drive and had our pc rebuilt. When ...more

Blogher: Blogging Her Way

Blogging her Way is the description of the Blogher conference in this morning's CNET News. This follows yesterday's story from the Pittburgh's Tribune-Review, Women Make Themselves Heard Through Blogs, noted by the quoted Jeneanne Sessum. ...more

Okay, it took me awhile to get an Internet connection but all things come to those who wait so ...more