Blogher '06 Session Discussion: Design/Style/Customization on Day One

8th in our series introducing you to each of our BlogHer Conference '06 sessions and their speakers, and finding out what you would like to get from each session. Today, I bring you from Day One: Design/Style/Customization Want to make your blog your own? DIY or pay? And what's reasonable in time & money? Miriam Verburg and Tiffany Brown walk you thru it, plus stylesheets (CSS) and how they work. ...more

Volunteer request: Signage Heroine!

That's right, someone to scale tall buildings in the dead of night and paint the Blogher logo in giant purple letters. No wait, that's another job description isn't it. One with a mask and a cape and some kind of super-power. The real Signage Heroine will be responsible for: Taking last year's signage and badge templates and updating and augmenting them for 2006 Reviewing with BlogHer staff to ensure all signs are properly accounted for. There will likely be a two to three dozen signs. Arranging with vendor of choice to have them printed and shipped to conference location. ...more

Thanks so much Whitney.

We got a volunteer lined up, but I'm happy to know I have a back up ...more

Volunteer Request: Speaker Wrangler

Update: The position has been filled by Jes of Just Say Jes Thanks a bundle (your lasso and hat will be waiting for you at coat check..) That's right cowpokettes, Blogher is looking for a speaker wrangler. Just to clarify, that's sort of like a universal personal assistant. The Speaker wrangler will take care of logistics around anything to do with the bevy of amazing speakers participating in Blogher '06. ...more

Tell the security guard you are going to a hotel full of drunk women and that you think maybe ...more

Volunteer request: Tech Support

Anyone who was at the first Blogher conference will understand the gravity of this request. {grin}. We NEED our very own volunteer tech guru for Blogher '06. ...more

Blogher '06 Session Discussion: Audience Building and $$$ Generation on Day One

5th (and 6th) in our series introducing you to each of our BlogHer Conference '06 sessions and their speakers, and finding out what you would like to get from each session. Today, I bring you from Day One: Audience Building Elise Bauer talks traffic: how to build it, how to understand your site statistics, how to optimize your site to build search engine traffic, how to use syndication and subscriptions to build recurring traffic...the works! and $$$ Generation: There are many ways to monetize your blog. It's hard to keep track. What's the difference between BlogAds & AdSense? Chitika & LinkShare? And does ad placement really matter? Hint: Jennifer Slegg will tell you "yes." ...more

My session notes from Bauer's presentation are here:

Announcing Day Two Keynote Panel Speakers!

I am thrilled to announce the speakers for our Day Two Closing Session. Check it out: Closing Keynote - Creating Your Platform: Chris Nolan leads a discussion with four powerhouse women: Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief founder and professional blogger Grace Davis, Huffington Post founder and author Arianna Huffington, Interactive CEO and Publisher Caroline Little and SixApart founder and President Mena Trott. These women have used the web to create and control their agenda...and give a voice to others. Whether your agenda is transforming your life, your business or the world, this closing session should send you back to your lives (or on to the cocktail party) inspired, energized and ready to make things happen! Full text of this morning's press release is in the extended entry. ...more

I'm looking forward to this finale!more

BlogHer(s) in the News: the Contra Costa Times

[img_assist|fid=369|thumb=1|alt=ContraCostaTimes Shot] Ignore the scary photo, and check out this lengthy feature on women blogging and BlogHer in today's Contra Costa Times. (The CCTimes is like the SJ Mercury for the East Bay.) The writer, Jessica Guynn, spent an inordinate amount of time working on the article...more than two months...and it shows. ...more

Day One of BlogHer '06 Sells Out - Cocktail party still available

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Never, ever underestimate the tornado that is BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort. Elisa, BlogHer's conference programming czarina, claims primary responsibility for this action-packed schedule for July 28. And as of today, we have sold every ticket we have for Day One of BlogHer '06, all 400 slots -- that's a good 100 more than we originally planned. ...more

More SXSW aftermath...another podcast and panel rankings

A few more tidbits from SXSW (the podcasts will be trickling out over weeks and weeks.) First, here's the mp3 file of the "We Got Naked, Now What? or How to Get Naked at Work" session. ...more

BlogHer Conference '06 Hotel Update: $75 rate nearing depletion

Got our latest numbers from the Hyatt San Jose and figured I better give another heads up. We have the following number of rooms left at the $75 room rate: ...more

Karen: Thank YOU, too! I'm so glad that the hotel is taken care of. Incidentally, if anyone is ...more