BlogHer '06 Day One: 25 seats left

I was serious, folks: Day One...the day to get your techie yayas nearly sold out. If you've been procrastinating, now would be the time to stop. Get one of the last 25 seats ...more

I'm hoping there's still seats!! I hope to be able to purchase my tickets this afternoon!more

BlogHer Conference '06: How you can help make childcare happen

As you may know BlogHer has been investigating how to deliver childcare for the conference this July. We got a big boost when ClubMom stepped up and offered some sponsorship dollars for childcare. ...more

I'd prefer you send BlogHer a check. Actually that saves us the processing fees that Acteva ...more

BlogHer Conference '06 Registration Update: 100 slots added to sold-out DAY ONE

Last year registration snuck up on us, and I alerted people that we were approaching sell-out with only 40 slots left. Those 40 slots then went in about 3 days. It ended up being the local folks who had waited to register (since they didn't have to plan travel for the event) who missed out. I vowed to give you more heads up this year. ...more

Thank for the answer. Now I dont need to worry about that.

Need tuition? Tell the mommies!

In a perfect world, everyone who wants to attend BlogHer '06 can and will. Of course, the world is far from ideal. And some bloghers will miss the conference due to scheduling conflicts. But if you think you'll be missing the conference due to inability to pay for registration, be aware that there are scholarship options available. One such option is to ask the Mommybloggers; they will be gifting one deserving blogger with conference tuition. ...more

I'm giving one away too!

See my personal blog

Updated Day Two schedule with Room of Your Own selections

Although we're still nailing down some speakers for Day Two, you'll find a lot of changes when you check out the Schedule, including (drum roll, please) the six Room of Your Own sessions that the community clamored for: ...more

I'm going to have a tough time choosing which sessions to attend; they ALL sound fascinating. ...more

BlogHer Day One Schedule Update

If you haven't checked out the BlogHer Schedules lately I urge you to take one more look at Day One. The Day is 100% staffed, and we have some fantastic additions to the speaking roster. ...more

My suggestion is that you include a mobility session and recruit a mobile expert to present it. ...more

Update on Room of Your Own sessions: New Survey online

Some of our astute BlogHers have reminded me that I said I was going to finalize and announce which of the Room of Your Own proposals would be on the schedule as of March 10th. ...more

I usually avoid surveys because they go on and on, but this one is quick and easy. So go ahead ...more

Thanks Survey Takers: You've made the Washington Post

A big shout out to the 185 people who took our BlogHer Survey on Naked Blogging at Work. The Washington Post picked up on our results and published this story in today's on- and offline edition. We're proud of this pick-up in the WaPo and we couldn't have done it without all of our BlogHer Survey respondents. Thanks! ...more

Ya, am also reading the Washington Post about this!! Survey makes the task very easy. It also ...more

Liveblog of SXSW panel: "We got naked, now what?"

I liveblogged BlogHer's first of five discussions at SXSW, starring Laina Dawes, Jory Des Jardins, Elaine Liner, Evelyn Rodriguez, Elisa Camahort. Good discussion included some important edge back from the audience, many of whom expressed surprise at Laina's and Elaine's surprise at losing their jobs over their blogs. I agree with Chris Carfi that Jory had a terrific point about how blogs are affecting business communications in general. And this exchange brought the house down: ...more

Was reading a post at Diva Marketing and she had a link to a fascinating article in more

Sex and Money Still Taboo: BlogHer releases survey results

We just finished BlogHer Panel #1 at SXSW: We Got Naked, Now What? Blogging Naked at Work. As part of the panel we released the results of our recent BlogHer Survey, Blogging Naked at Work, which explored the boundaries drawn (or not) between personal and professional information on blogs. Here's the text of the release we'll be putting out on the wire Monday morning: ...more

Well my wife makes far more money then I do and I don't have any problem with this at all.

I ...more