Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer 07 Part 5

In part 5, Elizabeth Edwards discusses Iraq, Rupert Murdoch, and how she reads blogs. ...more

Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer 07 Part 4

In part 4, Elizabeth Edwards answers your questions about childcare and how to get young people involved in the political process. ...more

Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer 07 Part 3

In Part 3, Elizabeth finishes her statements regarding universal health care, Hillary Clinton, and raising taxes. ...more

Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer 07 Part 2

In part 2 of Lisa Stone's interview with Elizabeth Edwards, she talks about Ann Coulter and why she doesn't have a personal blog. ...more

Interview With BlogHer Panelist Penelope Trunk

The days are ticking down to BlogHer Business in Manhattan on March 22-23. I'm honored and excited to moderate the panel "How To Do I Get It Right The First Time?" on day two. Penelope Trunk, Remi Adams and Roxanne Darling will join me in exploring issues that business blogger face. We thought it would be fun to give you a taste of the conversation through a series of mini interviews with the panelists. First up is Penelope Trunk, columnist for the Boston Globe and Yahoo! Finance. Penelope blogs at Brazen Careerist ...more

Listserving the Deeply Geeky

It grew out of a session at the BlogHer Conference: One of the most gratifying things coming out of this session was that here we were, all sharing a general sense that we had to do something -- and someone suggested we start right there, in the room, by gathering everyone's contacts into one meta-group, networking and mentoring each other and just staying connected. That made total sense! As a self-taught geek who's too much the dork to be any good at networking, this was music to my ears. I mean, this room was its own estroswarm of geek power in this corner of the 'net industry. So I pulled my notepad out of my bag and started passing it around the room, and it seems like everyone add [sic] their name and email.... ...more


The cumulative power of women as they converge on a task, issue, ...more

UPDATED: More BlogHer Audio: Interviews

One of our '06 Technology partners, ListenShare, conducted a bunch of interviews at BlogHer '06 and has posted them to a variety of places: -Download from the ListenShare site. -Subscribe or download via Odeo. -Subscribe or download from iTunes Music Store. ...more

Listen to BlogHer '06: Edublogging, DIY, Identity and Mommyblogging session audio

Here are the first batch of BlogHer breakout session audio recordings. The sessions from Day Two, Session #1 can be found after the jump. ...more

BlogHer '06 Keynote Recordings Now Available!

I'm excited to publish the first of many recordings from the BlogHer Conference '06 sessions. Each of BlogHer's sessions were lovingly recorded by our crack volunteer audio team!! Day One Lunch Keynote Recording (44.9MB) Day Two Closing Keynote Recording (66.8MB) See descriptions after the jump. ...more

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How Cool Are Food Blogs? Very Cool, Says TIME

[img_assist|fid=1396|thumb=1|alt=TIME Coolest Websites graphic ] Congratulations to two long-time and ever-inspiring food bloggers for inclusion in TIME's 50 Coolest Websites! Munich-based Delicous Days made the Top 50 list. California-based Simply Recipes got a mention too, in the cooking section. (Does the name Elise Bauer ring a bell? She's a contributing editor here at Blogher, too! She recently wrote about How to Increase Blog Traffic. Do you suppose she'll be adding, "Get mentioned by TIME magazine" to the list?) By complete coincidence, today three food bloggers are sharing a little Elise Bauer & Simply Recipes Love starting at A Veggie Venture too. ...more

Even today I like this list of more