Proud Partner: Jory & Lisa are thought leaders!

OK, my excuse, weak though it may be, is that both Lisa and Jory are speaking at BlogHer, so this post isn't just promoting my very smart partners, but two featured Blogher '06 speakers. See how that works? ...more

I'm all about spreading the BlogHer love. Except why does that sound so dirty?

Go go thought ...more

Updated Day Two schedule with Room of Your Own selections

Although we're still nailing down some speakers for Day Two, you'll find a lot of changes when you check out the Schedule, including (drum roll, please) the six Room of Your Own sessions that the community clamored for: ...more

I'm going to have a tough time choosing which sessions to attend; they ALL sound fascinating. ...more

Newbie-dooby-doo, where are you?

OK BlogHers I'm looking for ideas. We've got this awesome Blog in a Box two-and-a-half hour workshop first thing on Day One. We're not just covering the tech stuff, but also (thanks to Melinda Casino) something I find every beginning blogger wishes they knew more about: how to blog without making an ass of yourself. But let's face it: I need to find me some newbies. ...more

Those are some great suggestions, and I will follow up. Thanks for posting yourself where you ...more

BlogHer Day One Schedule Update

If you haven't checked out the BlogHer Schedules lately I urge you to take one more look at Day One. The Day is 100% staffed, and we have some fantastic additions to the speaking roster. ...more

My suggestion is that you include a mobility session and recruit a mobile expert to present it. ...more

BlogHer Keynoter on the cover of Newsweek

[img_assist|fid=78|thumb=0|alt=Caterina on Newsweek Cover|caption=BlogHer Keynote Caterina Fake] Photo by Nigel Parry for Newsweek We were thrilled to see Caterina Fake on the cover of this week's Newsweek Magazine. Caterina is a featured speaker in our Day One Keynote: What's Next? What's next in tech? Is "Web 2.0" hype? Or hip? And what's next once you grab your brass ring? ...more

When that magazine arrived at our house, I excitedly pointed to the picture of Mary and told my ...more

Update on Room of Your Own sessions: New Survey online

Some of our astute BlogHers have reminded me that I said I was going to finalize and announce which of the Room of Your Own proposals would be on the schedule as of March 10th. ...more

I usually avoid surveys because they go on and on, but this one is quick and easy. So go ahead ...more

Live Blog: BlogHer @ SXSW: Increasing Women's Visibility on the Web. Whose Butt Should We Be Kicking?

This will be the last of the BlogHer sessions that I can live-blog, as it conflicted with Anastasia Goodstein's Meet Judy Jetson panel, I was unable to recap hers. The panel consisted of: Moderator: Ayse Erginer Panel: Virginia DeBolt Liz Henry Tara Hunt Jan Kabili ...more

You own the 2 biggest laughs of the panel, so I think that means you're pretty witty :)

I ...more

Live Blog: BlogHer @ SXSW: Respect Your ElderBloggers

Here's my recap of this terrific session, featuring: Lori Bitter Ronni Bennett Lori: The three things we want to cover are: 1. Why reaching out to the elder market is good business 2. Why it's a social good 3. What needs to change as far as products, services and marketing ...more

I enjoyed your post, as this is a subject (and practice) to which I'm passionately ...more

Live blog: Blogher @ SXSW: Public Square or Private Club

Here's a recap of the 2nd BlogHer panel at SXSW Interactive: Public Square or Private Club? Does Exclusivity Strengthen or Dilute? Moderator: Lisa Stone Panelists: Tiffany Brown Melinda Casino Barb Dybwad ...more

Sex and Money Still Taboo: BlogHer releases survey results

We just finished BlogHer Panel #1 at SXSW: We Got Naked, Now What? Blogging Naked at Work. As part of the panel we released the results of our recent BlogHer Survey, Blogging Naked at Work, which explored the boundaries drawn (or not) between personal and professional information on blogs. Here's the text of the release we'll be putting out on the wire Monday morning: ...more

Well my wife makes far more money then I do and I don't have any problem with this at all.

I ...more