BlogHer '07 in Second Life Schedule

I am happy to announce the line up for Day One and Day Two of BlogHer '07 in Second Life!!! ...more

Unfortunately I have Vista which won't let me participate. Ironic, eh? The new system that is ...more

Updated: Introducing the Great BlogHer Photo Scavenger Hunt, by Cool Mom Picks

BlogHers, the game is afoot! To play, start here: Bloggers Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner, have unveiled a scavenger hunt designed to introduce all conference-goers to each other. In the days before we descend upon Chicago, we can all get mighty busy digging in to their challenge -- and let me tell you, the prizes look almost as fun as the activity! Here's how they describe it: ...more

*Absolutely* must do this.

Lisa Stone

Calling all Chicagoland volunteering types...we need you!

BlogHer is two weeks away, and we could use some more volunteers. because of the short time frame, and the fact that we cannot provide travel expenses, to volunteers, I assume that Chicago bloggers are my most likely suspects. (If you're not from Chicago and can pay your own way there, I'm more than happy to take non-Chicagoans too.) ...more

Would be very interested. I am from Boston, but I don't mind getting there on my ...more

Only a Few More Days to Sign-up for the BlogHer On-Site Childcare Program

BlogHer parents, there's only a few more days left to enroll your kiddos (infant to middle school age) in our wonderful and low-cost BlogHer Conference on-site childcare program. The last day for advance registration is this Friday, July 13. There are few conferences that offer on-site, convenient and high quality childcare, as many of you know from attending industry and academic meetings and trade shows. BlogHer's mission to embrace all women bloggers with or without children, inspired a group of us to initiate last year's on-site program, which was a well attended, overwhelming success. ...more

BlogHer '07 Update - Hotels Are Almost Sold Out

With the conference just a couple weeks away, we're really coming down to the wire now...and it's exciting! (There's also plenty to report, so check back often.) As of today, our hotel blocks at the W and Chicago City Centre are almost completely sold out -- but that shouldn't stop you from coming to Chicago. For those of you who haven't registered yet, you still have options: ...more

Take a short survey: Mentoring vs. Community

This year, as part of the Business of You track, BlogHer is presenting a session about Mentoring and Coaching. If you've ever done the professional coaching thing, we'd like to get your opinion on the interplay between professional coaching and mentoring of all kinds. (It's very short...only six questions.) ...more

Voting is acting: BlogHers Act Round-Up

Another amazing week for BlogHers Act! Yesterday, Leslie Morgan Steiner, wrote about BlogHers Act a second time on her Washington Post blog On Balance, urging people to VOTE! Thank you, Leslie!!!! ...more

Taking Inventory of Your Second Life

Skeletons, old prom dresses, 50 pairs of shoes...we all have closets full of stuff. As you ready your avatar for the BlogHer '07 conference in Second Life, think of your "inventory" as your virtual closet. ...more

Contact Patty Streeter in Second Life for a tour of our Automotive Advice for Women venue in ...more

BlogHer '07 - An Urgent (& Exciting) Call For Authors!

As part of this year's conference "extras," BlogHer's Gold Sponsor, Yahoo!, is hosting an on-site Internet Cafe & Bookstore. The Cafe will be open to all attendees throughout both conference days, and will feature a free espresso bar, cafe tables, lounge furniture, and wifi. (Plus a few ethernet hook-ups for those of you doing heavy-duty downloading.) The Cafe will also feature a special BlogHer Bookstore, where we'll be stocking, selling, and offering signings of books written We are pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble Booksellers will be setting up a mini-store, full of titles that are not only relevant to women bloggers, but also written by them. If you have written (or contributed) to a book that you would like for us to offer for sale at the BlogHer Bookstore, please let us know! ...more

I think this is a completely awesome and fabulous idea, and I would love it if you could include ...more

Finally, the final BlogHer at SXSW podcast

OK, I don't feel quite so bad about how long it takes us to occasionally get all of our audio feeds from the conferences up online. The fine folks at SXSW Interactive just posted the podcast from the second BlogHer session at SXSW this past March. ...more

We're going to reprise it at WITI's annual Women & Technology Summit this September, for those ...more