BlogHers Act: Canadian Edition!

Editor's note: What do you want BlogHers to act on in the next year -- globally and in the U.S. election? Please, Take our survey and let us know. Thanks! The magic of BlogHers Act continues to grow by the day, and here is one of the best examples of that yet. Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother and MommyBlogs Toronto sent this email over the weekend: "So, myself and the ladies (and man) of MommyBlogsToronto have been beyond inspired by all the activity around BlogHer Act, and began having discussions about how we could carry some of that inspiration into the Canadian blogHERsphere. The secondary push from BlogHer Act to address legislative issues in the US is, we think, something that we should be doing in Canada, too." ...more

Especially since I got invited to be an honorary Canadian!more

Check out the BlogHer '07 Speaker Page

[img_assist|fid=4088|thumb=1|alt=BlogHer '07 Buttons - I'm Speaking] Kristy just created our beautiful BlogHer '07 Speakers page (even though she's supposed to be on holiday today) so I can't resist telling you all to check out the line-up. ...more

I once had a story in the same magazine as Tony Hillerman. I wasn't nearly as proud of the story ...more

Elizabeth Edwards: In the news and coming to BlogHer '07

This week presidential candidate John Edwards' wife, Elizabeth Edwards, has been in the news, including here on BlogHer, where a lively conversation has been taking place since yesterday afternoon. Also this week: We were also able to confirm that Mrs. Edwards will be attending BlogHer '07 as part of our Closing Keynote on Saturday July 28th. ...more

I'm so sorry you are not going to be able to attend. My thoughts will be heading your way - ...more

I've downloaded Second Life - NOW WHAT?!

BlogHer '07 in Second Life it taking off!!! Is your avatar flying with us, or still stuck on the ground?? ...more

I'll also be in Chicago with my laptop to show everyone around!more

BlogHers Act: Take the Survey - Deadline July 8th!

As Elisa Camahort announced yesterday, (VERY exciting!) the BlogHers Act survey is now live and taking your votes. You can take the BlogHers Act survey here. ...more

Elisa Camahort

POLL OPEN: The BlogHers Act Survey is live! What's your vote?

[img_assist|fid=4158|thumb=1|alt=BlogHers Act] The BlogHers Act survey is ready! Thanks to everyone who participated these last couple of weeks by blogging, commenting and emailing your ideas for the BlogHers Act initative. Step #1 is complete. We gathered every idea we received or found online and compiled them into one big inspiring list. It's time for Step #2. ...more

I'd have to go back to the other posts, but I can give an example from my own off the top of my ...more

UPDATED: Watch this space: BlogHer '07 Button code

UPDATED! New "I'm Going to BlogHer in Second Life" button to join other BlogHer '07 buttons! ...more

I put this banner in my blog. :)

my blog | Pills ...more

Introducing BlogHer Second Life: If you can't make it to Chicago...

Jory, Lisa and I are pleased to announce that we will be launching BlogHer in Second Life to coincide with next month's annual Conference. BlogHer Second Life will offer the opportunity to experience the Chicago conference live on a virtual platform, complete with general sessions, audio feeds, and even a virtual cocktail party! Similar to BlogHer ‘07 in Chicago, the BlogHer Second Life virtual conference will feature an interactive format designed to inspire discussion. ...more

I'm the writer-in-residence at Elysian Isle. Tuesdays 1-3pm SLT, I'm hostess at the Cafe ...more

BlogHer '07 in Second Life! Can't Make it to Chicago? Attend Virtually!

“Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”- The Queen, in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. ...more

This link will take you to our ...more

BlogHers Act: Week Two Round Up, Next Stop - A Community Survey!

The last two weeks have been awe-inspiring, educational and incredibly motivating as we read through every beautiful, thoughtful, brilliant suggestion you submitted for the BlogHers Act initiative. And there were lots of them, several hundred in fact! A Google search of the term “BlogHers Act” turned up zero hits two weeks ago and today there are almost 40,000! Yowza, people, you have it GOING ON! See for yourselves: here is what was submitted on BlogHers Act in week one, and what follows below is a summary from this past week. ...more