Reserve your off-the-record room at BlogHer

We call BlogHer the "conference the community built." Our two days of programming are peppered with community proposed and staffed Room of Your Own sessions. Other sessions are filled with speakers that were suggested by members of the community, or self-submitted. And on Sunday July 29th we'll be hosting BlogHer's inaugural OpenSpace event...where the day's agenda is determined by whoever shows up to build it (with facilitator Kaliya Hamlin.) These sessions are all community-driven, but that have one thing in common: they, along with every BlogHer session, cocktail party and hallway conversation, are open, public, bloggable and everyone in the room could be considered "press." Well, some of you in the community have come to us asking about the possibility of an off-the-record space at BlogHer. ...more

BlogHers Act: Deadline for submissions is tomorrow!

Wow. The suggestions for BlogHers Act have been phenomenal! The range and depth of the discussions are so inspiring and feel like something (dare we say it?) historic is most definitely in the making. We want to make sure everyone who wants to weigh in has the chance, so PLEASE be sure to write a post on your own blog, tagged "BlogHers Act" or post in the comments section here on BlogHer.  We will conclude the suggestion gathering phase tomorrow, Friday, June 15! That is the deadline -- June 15! ...more

Self-sufficency for impoverished women around the globe. I more

Where in the World are the Bloggers you Read? And T-SHIRTS!

I will admit that I always want to know where people live. When I read someone’s blog, I think that geographic location is relevant and gives context. Also, I am nosy. I usually have a (paper!) Atlas hanging around when I am watching television so I can make sure I know what city or country is being talked about in a show or documentary. When I am online I check out an online atlas so I can see where my new pal (or even old pal) is writing from. In preparation for BlogHer I thought it would be cool to see where my fellow attendees are writing from when not at the conference. ...more

I bet you've never heard of where I came from - the city of Melaka, in Malaysia! Ancient name is ...more

BlogHers Act: Blog to the White House from

Leslie Morgan Steiner, who writes the brilliant and extremely popular blog, On Balance, for posted this morning about BlogHers Act, inviting her many readers to weigh in. Leslie's post, Blog to the White House, raises many inspiring and thought-provoking points, as do the numerous commenters. Go take a look. ...more

My son is a veteran and has a spinal cord injury and MS. He is entitled to VA benefits but is ...more

BlogHers Act: Week One Round-Up

Wow. You all are AMAZING. The depth and breadth of brainpower, knowledge and heart in this organization is INCREDIBLE. Since we announced BlogHers Act on Tuesday so many of you have responded with passion and conviction detailing the issues you want to see this community get behind. A round-up is below. But, first, if you aren’t familiar with what we are working to achieve through the BlogHers Act project, here’s a re-cap: ...more

I'm new here and I would say we need to reestablish a stronger and a different middle class in ...more

BlogHers Act: The speaker who won't be at BlogHer

[img_assist|fid=4174|thumb=1|alt=Zeng Jinyan] I want to tell you the story of a speaker who won't be coming to BlogHer. I wish she could tell her story at BlogHer, but she can't. And her story is only one of many. Perhaps our BlogHers Act initiative should be to free the voices of those who are currently being silenced around the world? ...more

And it's why some of the latest things that have been done in the name of "national security" ...more

Introducing a new BlogHer Community Initiative: BlogHers Act

Have you ever imagined the impact if every member of BlogHer's more than 11,000 bloggers strong and growing every day -- focused our considerable brainpower, ingenuity and influence on one red-hot issue? How about if that one red-hot issue was the focus of an organized, year-long campaign to make a measurable difference that this community cares about? Yes, some of you have. And you've emailed all three of us (sometimes more than once!) to ask BlogHer to take a leadership position in bringing the BlogHer community of powerful women together to create real change Today, Lisa, Jory and I are very proud to say "yes." We're introducing BlogHers Act. And just like the BlogHer Conference is the conference the community built, we want BlogHers Act to take on a cause the community develops. ...more

This is great.

I would love to see more development with energy - renewable energy, ...more

BlogHers Act: Post your red-hot issue (and link) below

We are excited and honored to announce today, with Elisa, Jory and Lisa, the launch of BlogHers Act, a year-long initiative to harness the incredible power of women online. That would be you. BlogHers Act will take on two things -- 1. Making a difference on a single global cause ...more

Oh, I think daily health hindrance drag the U.S. has got to symbolize on of the prime four ...more

Get yer t-shirts here, T-SHIRTS!

As it draws closer to the big day, we should all be thinking about what to wear. Shoes are important, someone is always taking photos of our shoes. Chicago is probably going to be hot and humid in July. For a delicate Canadian flower like myself, I am thinking about what to wear that is cool. Unlike my child, underpants alone probably don't convey the message I want to send. At least I know what I can wear on the top. I will be bringing my "I publish intimate details of my life on the Internet and I don't know why" t-shirt that I got from Jessica last year. ...more

I'm working on one...with my OMSH character. For my own pleasure - not to get to blogher. :)more

Chicago basics for conference attendees

I've never been to Chicago, so attending BlogHer's 07 conference there is a traveler's treat for me. If you like to learn about where you're going before you go, here are some helpful links. Chicago bloggers come in all varietites, of course. One of the conference speakers, Wendy McClure, is a Chicago blogger at Her site is one of a number of Chicago blogs in a web ring, so you may find other interesting blogs starting from her site, or just head straight for Windy City Webloggers. ...more

My sister and I will be there with bells on. Check out Blondie's blog, Tales from Clark ...more