ADDED: New Thursday Afternoon Kick-Off Keynote at #BlogHer15 Featuring #womenslives and #BlackLivesMatter

We're less than three weeks out, but the announcements are still rolling in fast and furious. ...more
alisaamiller My plane gets in just as you all are speaking. Will be running through the airport! ...more

I Found the Path to Get Girls to Code

“You cannot be, what you cannot see”...more

He Kept Saying, "Just Stop. You're Ruining Everything."

You never forget the first time you're confronted in the workplace by an undeniable feeling of ickiness. Sometimes that ickiness directly follows someone telling you that you're not okay how you are....more

Why Should You Connect with Your City Councilmember?

District 2 is brewing with new development. Most recently, new apartment complexes and a new shopping plaza hosting Target and Safeway in walking distance. Thanks to, I am virtually meeting my neighbors.  However, I need to make an effort in upping my game to connect with my local elected official, City Councilmember Ash Kalra.  ...more

Join the #HealingStories Twitter Chat 7/2 at 1p ET

Do you blog about overcoming health challenges or do you care for someone with a medical condition or disability?  Join us this Thursday, July 2nd at 1pm EST for a very special #HealingStories Twitter Chat hosted BlogHer 15 official sponsor Care To The People, a for-purpose social media initiative that connects patients to resources and each other to celebrate their upcoming “The Healing Power of Stories” luncheon on July 17th at BlogHer 15 in NYC....more

#BlogHer15 Closing Party, Brought to You by McDonalds, and Featuring Special Guests! (UPDATED)

Today, we are thrilled to announce the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us closing party!...more
Just....YES!! I love them. Thank you @mcdonaldsmore

#BlogHer15: Special Event Registration

Today we are announcing the process to RSVP for our #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us sponsored special events.What are sponsored special events?  These are smaller, more intimate events that take place at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us that allow sponsors to connect with attendees to talk about product launches, new services, social issues, or just plain informally network and have fun.At #BlogHer15 every sponsored special event has room for open RSVPs, but space is limited so it is a first come, first served process - with a twist....more

Fashion Forward

Last week I bought a new dress.It took me a long time to make up my mind to buy it. It’s not my usual thing. It’s red and fitted – no, downright snug – and cut alarmingly low in the front. It’s sophisticated and sexy. The fabric has just enough give that it’s comfortable, not confining, and I loved it from the moment I put it on....more

Announcing #Hatch at #BlogHer15: #HatchLabs and Next Generation Digital Media Leadership Sessions

Earlier this month, one of our Hatch Lab workshop posts went viral (!) Our #Hatchling tweens' reaction to Caitlyn Jenner's introduction to the world as a transgender woman has over 3 million YouTube views. Interested in finding out more about #Hatchlabs? We hope you (and your kids!) will register to join us at #BlogHer15 on Friday July, 17! In a true replication of our process, the labs will be led by older #Hatchlings (with adult supervision) workshopping younger #Hatchlings. Yep, you got it: the Next Generation mentoring themselves.>...more
I WISH I could make it this 11 yo is NOT a blogger but he IS a writer and a ...more

Do you stink at asking for money for your writing?

Do you love the idea of getting paid for your writing but can’t figure out how to set your rates? Do you suspect that you’re being underpaid? (Spoiler alert: You probably are!)I have soooo been there. But then I got over it and learned how to confidently ask for the cash that I deserve.Let me show you how....more