5 Corporate Event Trends You Need To Know To Succeed In A Corporate World

Read this article to find out five corporate event trends that will help you become more successful in your corporate career....more

#BlogHerFood16: Experts Among Us Terms and Conditions


Adventures in Chicago at #BlogHerFood15

One of the best things about being a foodie lifestyle blogger is attending events. We are in a profession where we spend a lot of time in front of a computer, in the kitchen, staging shoots, etc. It could be a solitary profession but we avoid this by forming alliances, comparing resources and going to conferences. That’s why I was so excited to go to Chicago for last weeks BlogHerFood. ...more

Announcing: #BlogHerFood16 Experts Among Us in Austin, Texas

Hey y'all ...It's that time: time to share with those of you who did not attend #BlogHerFood15 our location for our eighth annual Food event.#BlogHerFood16 is heading back to a city we love ... Austin!    Ranked as one of the top 10 food cities in the U.S., Austin brings food lovers lots of flavor, fun, and festivities....more

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Her Food Business, Women in Hollywood, and a 'Buffy' Reboot

Sarah Michelle Gellar is best known for her strong female roles: on TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Crazy Ones, and in films Cruel Intentions and The Grudge. Now she's in a different strong female role as the cofounder of Foodstirs, which she launched last month....more
She is! Kudos to BlogHer for partnering with an amazing woman creating a much needed company ...more

4 Inspirational Women Making Healthy Eating Easier

If you've ever had trouble getting healthy dinner on the table, snacking sensibly instead of reaching for a salt bomb, or finding vegan food you actually want to eat, meet the four entrepreneurs who presented their game-changing food businesses at The Pitch: Food Edition at #BlogHerFood15....more

Yes, You Really Can Make a Difference in the Way People Eat

There is nothing more important to our existence than food and water, but how often do we take what we eat (and what is available to us to eat) for granted? ...more

Making Stock

Chicken Stock is a wonderful thing to make on a cool weekend. It perfumes your home with the most amazing aroma. ...more

It's Not Really That Hard to Eat Well on $4 a Day

Four dollars a day for all your meals — think you could do it? Leanne Brown knows you can do it. And she even wrote a book about it....more
Yes it really is that hard. While I appreciate her book, the entire tone of this interview is ...more

5 Extra Things to Pack for #BlogHerFood15

#BlogHerFood15 is almost here and I'm starting to think about what to pack. While I pack pretty much everything mentioned in the conference guide, here are a few extra things I'll be tossing in my suitcase. ...more
I love the power strip suggestion.more