Is There Anything Funny about Death? 24 Writers Say Absolutely!

During the eighteen months before my mother's death, I remained at her side. We had a complicated relationship—true of so many mothers and daughters—and she didn't appreciate my daily reminders regarding her medications, her need to walk, the importance of eating. Mom was a visual artist, ardent reader, and political junkie; she didn't go in for idle chatter. As for sharing thoughts or feelings about her illness? Forget it.   ...more
I wish I'd known about this!! I wrote a humorous story about when I was a hospice social ...more

Keep the Faith

If you were given a list of available children to adopt, which one would you pick? Would you look for the cutest, youngest, happiest little boy or girl? Or would you choose an older child... say around 15 or 16 years old?   My husband and I are currently going through this right now. Last year, we were chosen...yes, I said chosen... to adopt a child (or children). We have a natural son already but realized that adopting a child would make the most sense for us.   For anyone wondering, because I get asked this question a lot... Yes....more

23 Ways to Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits

I have great money habits, but I'm not sure how I learned them! So I consulted an expert...these tips for teaching good money habits are from Karyn Hodgens, author of Raised for Richness: Teaching Kids Money Skills for Life and creator of KidsSave. "How are learning to a ride bike and learning about money similar?” she asks. “Both involve kids being ACTIVE participants.”...more

For Every New Facebook Fan of Big Heart Baby Clothing Co, 6 cents is donated to children’s charities.

Starting Today, October 24th, 2010 Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. will Donate 6 cents to children’s charities for every new person to “Like” Big Heart Baby on Facebook.Go to the Big Heart Baby Facebook Page, "Like" and suggest it to friends....more

Mommy Guilt (aka Baby Withdrawal)

A friend of mine, who does not have children, asked me to explain “mommy guilt”. I have to admit this is a difficult subject to discuss without a common frame of reference. But, on behalf of all the CareerMamas out there and for the benefit of those who do not have children, soon-to-be mothers, and men, I will give it my best shot. ...more

Swishing our tails and rasing our voices Liza and Vita Part 2

Swishing our tails and rasing our voices [Vita's Guests] -  vitalingus - @ 04:37:pm Part 2: from Liza the publisher and one of the team at ‘culture kitchen’. Liza talks to me about 21st century women creating change. The influence and the impact these women are having as ‘consumer ...more

governor patterson

Is it true that the governor and his wife only donated old clothes to charity. No money for a couple who make big bucks?  Hope that's not true.  If it is I won't vote for him even tho I'm a life long dem. ...more

Millionairess Club 29th January 2009

Be it, Do it, Have it! WealthBabes presents: For all Aspiring Millionairesses - Be part of the Exclusive Millionairess Club and Breakthrough to Success in 2008 and Beyond! Access to the next Club Session is on Thursday 29th January 2009 in Kensington/Earls Court, London at 12 noon BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW BY CLICKING HERE: ...more

NPR's "The Gatekeepers Are Gone" Does the Online World Match the Real One?

At the 2006 South by Southwest conference (Austin, holla!) I sat on a panel for Blogher on how blogger's online personas' negatively affected their real lives. I talked about my blog and how I thought that because one of my superiors somehow found it and shortly after I was laid off (NOTE: I never discussed my workplace or fellow employees on my blog) might have been a cause to my demise. ...more

I work near one of the biggest reference librarys in Toronto and when ...more

Advertising Slogans Gone Wild: Scotland,Virginia and DHL

Advertising slogans are supposed to state the main benefits of the brand. Good slogans, make that great slogans, have a distinct personality of their own and are  hard to forget. Scotland used to have such a slogan. It was,"Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World." ...more

Just proves that advertisers can make anything sound like sex.
I entered "Web Teacher" and the ...more