LIVE: New BlogHers Act site! Join us and pledge now to save women's lives

It's live! The BlogHers Act team has launched a new mini-site to act as a clearinghouse for this community's initiative to improve the world by harnessing the power of women online. As many of you know, in 2007-2008, we're blogging to save women's lives by improving maternal health world-wide. On this page you can: ...more

Video From The Life Stages of Online Communites Sessions

One hour of editing down and nine to go from BlogHer 2007! The first sessions that I attended was the The Life Stages of Online Communities. ...more

The Art of Food Blogging: The List

Story goes, when my grandfather was asked how to be addressed, he'd answer, "Call me anything you want, just don't call me late for supper." So here's the promised list of attendees at Blogher's food blogger panel The Art of Food Blogging, late but please, not late for supper. ...more

Thanks for the list, Alanna. Looks and sounds like it was a fantastic time. And thanks to Susan ...more

Advanced Audio Workshop Podcast Edit

Thanks to everyone who attended the Advanced Audio Workshop - Tajee and I had a great time. Thanks also to Pam who offered her podcast for critique. I've modified it a little, adding an intro, background music, and an outtro, and compressing and amplifying the audio. You can hear the before and after. ...more

VEGAS, BABY? Where should BlogHer '08 be and more: Take the BlogHer '07 survey

It's here in all the excruciating (but mostly optional) detail you could ever want: The BlogHer '07 Post-Conference Survey. Can you skate by giving us your high level opinions on most aspects of the conference? Yes. Can you give your granular ratings and opinions on every single speaker and session you saw, on sponsors, on hotels? Yes. Can you take this survey even if you weren't there, because you'd like to give your feedback on what you hope we'll do in the future? Yes. ...more

Somewhere cool in the summer... Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Lake Tahoe, etc...


p.s. ...more


So this is my much overdue Blogher '07 wrap up. Honestly, I'm still absorbing it all. There is so much that has happened in my life this past year that took its toll on my spirit, and this conference was just the inspiration I needed. ...more

What Humans Do With Artificial Intelligence

Elisa Camahort moderates discussion about technology, social spaces, blogging women and the power of the internet. Guest speakers include tech visionary Esther Dyson, She's Such a Geek editor & tech journalist Annalee Newitz and Slideshare CEO Rashmi Sinha. ...more

BlogHer 07 -- The Real Swag

It's impossible to encapsulate all that a new blogger like me learned in the four heady days at BlogHer 07. So I did a quick memory check. What do I recall clearly enough not to have to refer to my notes, or at least know exactly where I can spot them in those notes? Here are the lessons I digested best: ...more

I am looking forward to the next one, too! In fact, at times I wanted to attend all the panels ...more

Thank You for a Great Time at my first Blogher Conference

Thank you for a great time in Chicago. For those of you who attended the Self Promotion and Branding Session with Nina Burokas, Penelope Trunk and myself, and were not able to get a handout, I have posted the handout on my blog at nextSTEPH. Enjoy! ...more

Storyboarding - Resources and Vlogging Assistance

Thank you to all the good people that stopped by the Multimedia Lab and those that wanted to attended.Thanks also to Kraft Foods for sponsoring the lab. I'm suffering from a bad case of hindsight. There was so much we all wanted to share but were under time constrictions. Also folks at the session asked about additional resources. I t love digging up help and support resources for potential vloggers and anybody with access to a camera or camcorder. ...more

Thank you for the great explanation, and the suggestions about the 3x5s, My Idea Map, and the ...more